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Free hack Monster legion cheats code list - gold, food, potential points, promo ticket, gene, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Monster legion cheat world: in the ancient Chenghai ruins, there are mysterious islands. These islands are now home to all kinds of incredible creatures. But 2.6 billion years ago the islands were very different. At that time, there was only one life form: cells. As time went by, the cells on the island evolved and some mutated. The cells became a lot of things, but some mysterious cells turned into unique magical monsters, with special abilities.

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For tens of thousands of years, these monsters lived deep in the forest on the islands. These monsters never got sick and they never aged. Death just led to reincarnation. After millions of years, the monsters' fighting wills gradually awakened. They generated a strong desire toward the secret of the island. They follow the law of the jungle where the strong preys upon the weak. Endless battles creates new evolutions. Only monsters reaching the top of the food chain can learn the secret of the island and gain the supreme wisdom.

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Hello, there. I don't known anything about you but i could really use your help right now. However, dangers are still waiting for us. Please be more cautious. There is a jar over there, try breaking it and find useful item. We don't have enough health point to defeat monster. But we can give it a try with the dagger you just got.

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Weapon: dagger - kill ordinary enemies within one lattice distance after using.

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