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Welcome to the picturesque city of monster. I believe that you will enjoy a pleasant time here. I am Celine, your instructor on monsters. Please feel free to ask me anything about monster. As a man hope to be an excellent trainer of monster, you must be extraordinarily brave. Please let me know you first! You see? At the end of my words, someone wants to take an adventure with you! Take the adventure with others will help you grow faster and your journey will be funnier. Come and name your partners! In order to be a monster trainer, you should have one monster yourself at least. Here I have three monsters. They have different features and advantages. Choose one to go with you!

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hack Monster Storm 2 Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools): They always stare at people with emerald-ish eyes. Their tales can also release crisp musics. The leaf is the weapon. Never underestimate its power. A flower purifies the air and makes itself faith.A journey of your dream will begin. I believe you will be an excellent monster trainer. Come on!

cheat Step #2: Let me show you some operation tips about the game! Swipe the screen to move the character. You can tap ANYWHERE on the screen. Tap this button when you need to confirm current operation. Tap the button to open menu. Tap any icons to operate the corresponding function. Tap to draw back the menu before you move on. Continue to complete the main quest to get running shoes, come on!

code Step #3:After the first charge, you can get a bike for free. Go to the interface for receiving benefits? Tap a Monster's portrait for details. Drag them to change their order. Select Skills to attack and reduce monster's HP. You could use the recovery tools on them or use the machine in monster center for cure. You don't know where is the monster center, right? I shall take you there. Almost forgot! Let me tell you where the monster center is! Now you know, the monster center is there, located in Fresh Town! You hurry up and follow me! I am waiting for you there!

Monster Storm 2 Step #4: Fight monsters to get Base stats fruit to be stronger, even capture them to enlarge your team! Let me introduce you, here is the Fresh Town, with a monster center nearby. This is the monster center. The nurse standing in the counter will help the trainer recover the health of all the monsters in the backpack. You just have to talk to the nurse and you can choose to restore the monster. Let me show you how to recover!

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  • Eric - Shoots a flare that removes enemy invisibility, and deals 80% damage to targets within range.
  • Get close to the Customer service, then tap the OK button. Healing machine has magic effect that restores Monsters to good health. Every city has a monster center. After the monsters are injured, they can come here to recover.
  • As monster trainer, one monster is far from enough. If you want more, you could catch them in the wild. However, you need MonCore to catch them. Go to the store and ask Salesman to sell you some. The store is in the monster center.
  • Select Skills to attack and reduce monster's HP. The less HP monster has, the easier to be captured. Tap Switch to capture. Defeat wild monsters with different types to obtain correspondent Base Points Berry.
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