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Welcome Explorer! I'm Mia, your new trainer. Are you ready to learn the basics? This is your squad! It features Fire, Nature, Water and Light element monsters. And here we have a water element enemy, a savage Croki! All monsters take more damage if they are attacked using a counter element. There are 5 elements! Ok, let's attack the enemy! Great, you weakened the enemy! His life bar has desreased. Good job!

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hack Monster Tales Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools): It's the enemy's turn. He seems a bit angry...He weakened your monster a bit. See how the life bar has decresed. Ok, Explorer, It's time to defeat Croki! You'll get rewards and experience points every time you defeat an enemy. Hatch eggs to unlock new monsters. Nice, thanks to this win you now have enough Dark essences to hatch an egg. Tap on the Dark egg to hatch it. You can spood up the egg using gems.

cheat Step #2: Don't wait any longer! Open the egg to get a new monster! For the next fight, we are going to need more monsters. On this tab, you can manage the monsters that make up your squad. Let's add the new monster to our squad for the next fight. Tap on the feed button to level up. Our new monster is now level 2! Add it to your sqaud.

code Step #3:Now that we have our squad ready, let's go to the next battle! Here you can see the island that you're exploring. Tap on it to select your next battle. Here is the food available. Feed your monsters to make them stronger. You already know how it works, match 3 orbs to attack!

Monster Tales Step #4: Match 4 orbs to create a Bomb. Bomb destroy all orbs in an area in the shape of a cross, they are very effective. You can create an Elemental Bomb! Match 5 orbs to get it. An Elemental Bomb will destroy all orbs of the same color. It's super powerful!

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  • A monster has the MAX attack ready! Let's unleash all their power! Tap on the monster to activate it. Awesome! Let's go for the victory! Defeat the remaining enemies.
  • Very well Explorer, I think you are ready to start this adventure. I'm pretty sure you'll discover a lot of new species! I will be over here if you need me!
  • PVP Locked - Unlock the PVP mode to play against other players! PVP will be available when you reach level 4.
  • A bunch of food - Some food to feed your monsters. They are always hungry!
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