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- What is this! Summoning Goddess holds the sword. It’s too heavy. Besides, it’s the first time i’ve ever been in a fight, so i don’t have the slightest idea. Let’s ask support. You know, it's kind of ridiculous. The warrior i summoned turned into a demon. So i had to hold on to the sword. Help me please.
- So you were holding a sword. A warrior turns into a demon. That’s a big deal. The stronger the king becomes, the stronger the magic becomes. We’d better find him before he gets stronger and send him back to the world.

Monster Collection hack

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Then i’ll give you a basic battle plan. Stepping on the screen will trigger a basic attack. Default attack fills the MP gauge. You can use MPs to make it easier to deal with wares using a powerful attack, skill. For now, that’s where we’ll be able to fight. Life is a battle, so i think you’d better start.
How do you get better at fighting, but how can you get stronger faster? Are you doing your leve-up? You can level up by pressing the character button in the menu below. You can collect empirical corrections by getting rid of the objects. Leve-up will help you fight with more skills available.

Monster Collection cheats, hack codes

Inventory - you can see the items you have at a glance here. This is where you can check your weapons. When you mount a weapon, you increase your attack power, which helps you fight more. Please pay attention to the level of your weapon. Weapons can be obtained by conducting a special stage and knocking down the boss. The special stage uses BP (battle point), so get ready and try. Hero menu - here you can level up and manage your skills. You can level up with level up points you get from battle. Skill and runes are unlocked according to the level. Please take a look at it whenever you do.
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Whichever hero you engage in the battle reflects the strength of all the heros you have. So even if you keep upgrading your unuses heros and summon a lot of them, you’ll get more total damage. Collection - this is the place to manage heros. You can join, remove, or upgrade heros. Heros are rare in the field and can be obtained by summon from stores. How to upgrade? The same hero card is required to upgrade the hero. When the tank of the hero rises, the character’s passive skill is released. 1 tier hero has 1 passive and 3 tier hero has 3 passive.

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