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In ancient times, gods, human, and familiar lives together. One day, a tome gathered and sealed the chaos energy into a powerful tome named “Omnicodex”. Then the power and desire broke the moment peace. Gods divided into two factions to fight for omnicodex and brought chaos to the world. Omnicodex was torn and disappeared. Human used the remains of will of gods and found the girl “Otti” THe bloodline of gods. They built the central library and four elemental academies.

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Talented kids were picked to learn to tame familiars and fight with them. Elders expect these kids can be the anchor to renew the world with familiars.
Wow, are you the chosen one? Looks in good spirits! I’m cheat-on, a fairy of Fable town. Every Magus must pass my test before they can begin their adventure. Are you ready? Let’s learn some simple battle techniques. Every 2 columns of tiles correspond to be Bookmon directly above them. Tap to clear tiles and launch.

Monster Fable cheats, hack codes

Next, let’s learn how to use bookmon skills. Tap blue tiles to charge the skill of your water element unit. You can use a skill once mana is full. After you complete your training, open your spell tome to enter your homestead! This cottage will be your home from now on! You can furnish it as you like! Before you can start furnishing your cottage, you need to learn how to place furniture. Tap and select furniture to place it in your home. You can tap the itme again to change its orientation.
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There are various buildings with different functions in Fable town. Upgrade your buildings to gain more benefits. let’s upgrade your barn to increase maximum food storage. Buildings take time to finish upgrading. You can spend gems to reduce the building time. The building time will be reduced for free since it’s your first time upgrading a building. Besides upgrading and building, you can collect various resources around town. Production of resources will stop when building storage is full.

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The traveling cart sells various items you may need. Upgrade the traveling cart to increase the variety of items sold. The traveling cart refreshes its goods from time to time. If there’s an item you wish to purchase, make sure to grab ot before the items are refreshed.
Tap connected crystals and Whirlwind crystals to turn tiles of the same color into crystals and launch an attack with the crystals. dcn629 - supply box
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