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We need your strength. My name is cheat-on. I am the goddess of order here in Latecia. I stand in opposition to the goddess of chaos, Luna. For ages, order and chaos have kept each other in check. However, this has only resulted in endless strife. Thus to maintain the balance, Luna and I created the Astromon league, a tournament in which masters of order and chaos face off. Centuries passed in peace, with both sides balanced and equal in strength. However, recently the powers of chaos have been increasing, if continued unchecked, chaos will consume Latecia. That is why we need your strength. Please enter the Astronom league and protect our world. Let this pendant be your guide....that was a weird dream....

Monster Super League cheats android, ios hack codes

Monster Super League –  hack codes
Welcome, i've been waiting for you to arrive. My name's cheat-on, i'll be your assistant starting today. I understand if you're a little confused. The woman you saw in your dream is Stella, the goddess of order. Chaos is threatening to overthrow our land. If that happens... I don't even want to think about what would become of the world. You were chosen by the goddess. We need your help. Deep within you lies the power to avert this crisis. The power to be our champion in the Astromon league – is a competition where Astromons and their masters team up to do battle. If we ever hope to defeat chaos, we're going to need that power. Well then, let's take you out into the worl so you can get a feel for things. I'll be your guide.

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Monster Super League –  cheats secret bug
This place is called Phantom forest. It's home to many docile Astromons, making it a great place to practice catching them. That gizmo you just got is called an astrogun – you can use it to catch astromons – are animals unique to Latecia. Thy're born imbued with star energy, which gives them special powers. Oh, and don't forget to strike a stylish pose! Humans and astromons normally can't understand each other, but that pendant enables you talk to one another. In addition to using your astrogun to catch monsters, you can also hatch characters from eggs. Even 1 star Astromons can be ascended to 6 stars. Variant astromons are special because of their leader skills.

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1. EjlNAtj3wL – astrochips,
2. vsYOpvxIDt – summon free,
3. Urw9clG7yO – upgrade,
4. r2J9aZfoq4 – gems,
5. pbmCbPVjqd – fruits,
6. HQHlmlyVNA – astrogems,
7. J99sv05cWP – energy,
8. 1xO2pCO7Ie – secret egg,
9. 0bR0fUcwMo - gold
10. JZIe1fLjyz - tickets

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