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Harten, a once prospering kingdom, full of promise, is now under siege by the demons of another realm, they arrived under the full, red moon of Okrin the God of chaos and destruction, through a portal of unknown origin. The people of this land are trembling with fear, and rightly so, anybody who was brave or foolish enough to stand their ground now lay lifeless on the abandoned, Grimy city streets. The survivors are now in hiding, deep inside the mountains of Greydawn, a neutral ground, a border to the undiscovered lands to the east.

Moonshades Dungeon Crawler hack

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Two stars on the blood red night sky, two wanderers now arrive in the these lands to repel the demon horde and close the portals once and for all. They gold a secret, and the invaders give them a wide berth, but why? Who are these strange characters? Moonshades.
Controls: open your inventory by tapping one of the characters portrait. Move/turn with the arrow buttons. Swipe down to look down, swipe up to reset. You can also use swipe left or right to turn.

Moonshades Dungeon Crawler cheats, hack codes

The well of Luminous power restored your health and mana. Dead character resurrected. Tap on the storage chest to open it. The storage chest is magically sealed, you are the only one who can open it. Tap on the item’s picture to change location between your inventory and storage chest. Both your storage and inventory space are limited, but you can increase it with gems. Open hidden doors by finding the switch and tapping on it.
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Tap on the magic forge to use it. You can find more information in the guide. Open the in game guide by tapping one of the characters portrait then tap on the guide button at the bottom. Fight with enemies by tapping one of the ability buttons. All abilities have a cooldown time. Be patient, nature needs time to recover its magical power. Equip health potions by opening your inventory (tap one of the character’s portrait) and dragging the potion (drag the icon, not the text) to one of the characters consumable slot (will be green colored)

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