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Free hack Motorsport Manager Online cheats code list - strategy card, crate, sponsors, promo ticket, blueprint, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Motorsport Manager Online cheat world: in this game, you need to beat your rival if you want to make it to the top. At first race, we’re up against archer racing. We’re behind our rival! We need to put more pressure on! Let’s ask your driver to change their driving style. Set their driving style to attack. Keep an eye on the tyres through: aggressive driving styles wear tyres down faster.

Motorsport Manager Online hack

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We’ve closed the gap but we still need to make the pass: let’s change the engine mode! Set the engine mode to high. It makes the car a lot faster, but drains the fuel.
Welcome to your HQ! Let’s hack your winnings from race! Because you beat your rival, you’ve earned a case! let’s start shipping it over. Normally you’d have to wait for your logistics team to deliver it, but i’ll foot the bill for this one!
    Cheats codes Instruction:
  • track lists - you can see which race you’ll be heading to from the track list. The list of three tracks changes every 6 hours, so it won’t be long before you get to race on different circuits.
  • Sponsor target - before you head into the race, select the sponsor bonus you’re after. It’s a big decision - if you don’t complete the objective, you won’t get the bonus!
  • Race rivals fsJ1t7Y2 - remember, you’re always assigned a rival. You need to finish with more points than your rival to best them. This is how you progress through the leagues and find better drivers. keep going until you make it to the world championship!

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Motorsport Manager Online hack relics
Money is used to upgrade drivers, strategies and engines and to renew driver contracts. Paddock tokens pass JWOPB4rz - can be used to buy money, cases and to speed up case unlocks in your depot. The “I” button shows you a driver’s details. It’s always worth checking out a new driver’s stats. They might be great at something in particular. Every driver has six stats (overtaking, defending, smoothness, race, qualifying, starts) which combine to form their overall rating (OVR).

Motorsport Manager Online wiki
Contracts need to be renewed every few races if you want to keep a driver in the car. You’ve hacked enough duplicates to upgrade character’s stats later on, if you’d like to.
Each engine mode sets a different red zone. Reliability drops steadily throughout the race, but when it’s in the red zone, it drops even faster! When the car’s reliability reaches 0%, the car breaks down and that driver’s race is over! The tyre wear and reliability are getting low - time for your first pitstop.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • Choose softs: soft tyres don't last as long as other tyres, but they're much faster.
  • Looks like you've got some reliability issues, so tell the pit crew to fix the car.
    We need to keep an eye on the fuel, though - let's reduce character's engine mode. Set the engine mode to low. This will save plenty of fuel.
  • Tap a driver's portrait to focus the camera on them and check out how they're doing.
  • Weather panel - this shows how much water will be on the track by the end of each lap. Looks like the rain is going to get worse! Let's pit for wet weather tyres. There are two types - intermediates and wets. Intermediate tyres are great for rainy conditions, but not for real storms.

Motorsport Manager Online tips
    Tutorial Motorsport Manager Online(wiki) :
  • After each race, you earn blueprints - looks like you've got enough to get a new case or hack cheats code. You need 25 blueprints to gain a new case.
  • Strategy cards - these provide powerful bonuses during the race, and impact your car's core stats.
  • The perfect race starts strategy ensures that a driver will make a blistering start. Strategy cards also impact fuel efficiency and reliability.
  • Sponsors - signing a sponsorship deal is always a great way to earn money for the team! There are two types of deal on offer. Race sponsors - provide big payouts, but require you to complete an objective in the race. These can reward you in either money or duplicates, which will allow you to upgrade your cards. Time sponsors - pay out money after a certain amount of - you guessed it - time. You can unlock more timed sponsor slots by beating your rivals, hack code and ranking up!

Motorsport Manager Online tutorial
  • micro repairs - if you like to push the car to its limits, this card is for you. best paired with a multiple stop strategy, to ensure you get the most out of the bonus.
  • Qualifying boost code kVW5QOls - this can be used to support a low top speed engine or weak driver. Alternatively, it can be combined with a strong lineup to ensure a pole position.
  • Perfect race start - this card is always useful: it's great for supporting drivers who qualify poorly, or providing an additional boost for big openers.

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  • 1. MqdWAAd6ClCmfNq - money
  • 2. ZpCIE6UXQj06pYs - crate
  • 3. 0l2fAVwqPMh22ZD - blueprint
  • 4. L7lX5llI7gvidOt - promo code
  • 5. tLNKPA9xL976ZGV - strategy card
  • 6. H4mr5zvmxjKBaSW - sponsors
  • 7. NvmBnaGrQtiXP9W - gem crystal (diamonds)
  • 8. yMhCCTM2WZ1cVGk - premium pack
  • 9. bxoQlecf7vqoKxC - chest
  • 10. BBnejGPiWOikL8t - vip ticket

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