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Cheat Mousebusters hack android, ios code

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Patching InformationTargets ISO (Disc Based)
GenreRole Playing > Action RPG
Mousebusters Cheats
1000 credits - use hack #tYgSAYKI3
10000 mouse coins - enter pass #VAXhrfea0
Complete Package - #JaS152bTr
Extra Episode - #3JfpEErca
Remove Ads - #MvGI17Fnx
Platinum Support - #uqGR8GU6W
1 Month Card code - #0Bm4aEdv2
upgrade cheat - #paw59efvp
booster - #UJOzSOMXI
boss stage - #HDUylyfkA
secret combination - #I8ZKsEbrZ
level up - #mMB6Qrvo8
new hotel - #i2mv3EDpw
mouse skins - #AnTOWGV6T
special reward - #5KqpImKPO
How & Where enter
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Mousebusters Story
Welcome, brother. This is our second time meeting each other. Ya game me a cookie yesterday. Ya sure are kind for a youngster, huh? But ya weren't polite enough to greet yer new neighbors after moving in. How sad.
Well, i can't blame ya for feeling surprised. Things happened real quick after all. Ya wanna go back to normal, right? You can be human again! If ya complete all of mah missions.
Look like ye're finally ready to tackle the missions. Let's get down to business then! ya must've heard about this already before moving in. There are rumors about this apartment... about a dark past. And those rumors are true. This apartment is being haunted by ghosts. And their existence affects the residents emotionally. But they ain't aware of it. After all, humans normally can't see ghosts. It's our job to get rid them from this place.
Hack Basics
There's ghost energy coming from room 101. it's in the bottom left of the hallway. Start from that room. Ghosts aren't always noticeable. You gotta look for the ghosts. Let's inspect the room. When ya check something, ya might find a mouse coin. The ghost's dark energy is taking a toll on the residents emotions but the ghost itself ain't that aggressive. Strangely, ghosts only target the resident of the room they're in. Hold yer gun and tap the area where you want the bullet to go.
Allow me to explain what this device is for. Tap "ghost" icon to play the gun training program. It's an excellent training ground where you can practice shooting using the ghost gun. Just have fun and enjoy as if ye're playing a mini game.
Your photo album - in this album, you can view and share the photos you've collected. Ya got a photo after clearing up the room a while ago, right? I suggest ya check it out. Ya can also check it out if ya wanna know what ya need to do to unlock the other photos.
The video gallery - here, you can watch special episodes. Cheat code - press this button if you wanna check what items you have. For more details, press the help button on the upper left corner of the screen.
Patch Version
Mousebusters Redeem gift code
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Hack Release Date17 September 2020
Last Modified17 September 2020
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