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Movie Inc cheat world: oh, there you are! This is the cinema you told me to purchase. We're ready to open for business! Looks like you're pretty serios about this. The cinema's equipment are all still in working condition. We just have to tidy it up a little. Then it's just a matter of when you want to officially open. There is one problem though. Megastar films knows about this cinema. They're already pressuring all the distributors they work with to refuse to send us any films to screen. Let's start building our cinema.

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Cheat-on - a producer you worked with several times during your acting career. Tired of the film industry, she decided to join you when you raised the idea of changing the rules of the movies business. I've also contacted some investors. They're interested in your new business, so they made an investment. The investors said they would consider making additional investments depending on our progress. I'll remind you again when the time comes. We still need to build a filming studio before we can start filming movies.

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Different screenplays attract different audiences. We have to look at what the market's like before we make a decision. However, we don't have a market research team yet, so let's just go by feel this time. Now we have to think about casting. Everyone has a moment where they though. But don't just decide based on personal preference. If our actor matches the character, the movie should be great. Good actors and a good screenplay are essential for a great movie.

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If the shooting type matches the screenplay, the movie will be greatly improved. Reputation has a big influence on box office sales. Most people still prefer watching spectacular movies with good stories. And star actors! You'll have to work hard. Once you're a real a-list actor, you'll have your own reputation level and box office power. You can gain earnings from movie during 120 min.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: you can earn revenue through movie screenings, tie-in merchandise, licensed events, and more. Don't forget to collect them regularly. If we want to make high quality films that audiences will appreciate, we need to hire more actions. use your talent scout to search for potential actors. Hiring an actor is just the beginning! We have to continually upgrade their abilites if we want to make great movies.

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Tutorial Movie Inc (wiki): we can't make successful movies in isolation. We need a deeper understanding of the market. Local market requirement - accodring to our survey, the local audience prefer scene. If we assign the right actor, our advertising will be more effective. Starting from this small street, our influence will one day cover the entire world. The better we understand the market, the greater chance we have of making a successful movie and improving our company's reputation. Upgrading your market department improves your grasp of market direction and trends, so you can take your company the right way.

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