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Free hack Mu origin 2 cheats code list - evolve, jewels, gold, promo ticket, wings, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Mu origin 2 cheat world: by the way, coming to Lorencia at a time like this, you will not be bored at least. A while ago, a mysterious column of light was seen east of Atlans, and then demons started showing up in Lorencia. Jehrain is recruiting warriors to form an investigation party. He will give you some equipment you can use for now.

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Warrior, touch the virtual pad to move around. Tap the quest list on the left to start your adventure. Wear the pants i gave you, and they will protect you against the larvae that shoot out from the ground to attack the unsuspecting wanderer. Tap enhance to make your equipment more powerful! Select an equipped item and start enhancing it.

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Characters: dark knight - master of melee combat. Combines swordsmanship and brute force to destroy enemies. Dark wizard - conjurer of the elements. Packs lethal arcane power under a deceptively elegant robe. Elf - makes every shot count. Shoots deadly arrows that send even devils running for their lives.

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Dungeon - tap here to challenge Death King of the catacombs. Lorencia will forever remember your name, warrior. Now that you have awakened the power of your spirit, you will be able to make good use of artifact. Disassemble the selected equipment to increase the artifact’s experience. “!” - tap and hold to view item descriptions.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: You must be excited to learn how to enhance equipment. First, let me tell you where to get enhance materials. Add jewel to your equipment. And with the power of magic, it will enhance its performance. Equipment, when enhanced to a certain level, glows beautifully. Achieve final CP rank 10 or above - receive abundant rewards.
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