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This tutorial will introduce you the basic game concepts. Swipe to rotate camera. Pinch to zoom in or zoom out. Use double tap on the screen to return the camera to its default position.
It seems vehicle is damaged and cannot start. When you're in this kind of situation, you can always return to the garage to recover. Tap the map button, return to the garage. Your truck gets fully repaired when you visit an unlocked garage, but gets refueled only up to 200 liters. The status bars indicate the fuel and durability of the truck.

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hack MudRunner Mobile android Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools):Release the parking brake and drive along the asphalt road. Hold the accelerator button to move forward. Lightly tap the buttons to steer left and right.
You've approached a muddy road. Engage all wheel drive (AWD) and differential lock (diff lock) to increase your traction and reduce the risk of getting stuck. Diff lock makes all wheels spin simultaneously, making steering more accurate but harder to control at higher speeds. AWD allows your truck to better hold the road but it consumes more fuel when engaged.

cheat Step #2: You can unlock vehicles you come across and switch to them. Note that some vehicle doesn't have differential lock nor all wheel drive. Each of them is equipped with a winch that you can attack to nearby trees or vehicles. Tap a point on your truck, then tap a point on a tree to attack the winch. Pull the winch and accelerate at the same time to move further along the road. To detach the winch, tap the cross icon at the end of the winch rope.

code Step #3:TO use a new garage, you mush first unlock it by delivering 4 garage points. THis garage already has 3 points and your current truck has 1 garage point, so you unlock it now.

MudRunner Mobile android Step #4: game is all about developing your driving skills and delivering logs to lumber mills in untamed environments. So let's install an add-on that carries logs.
Different log size have different amounts of load points. Each lumber mill requires a specific amount of load points to be completed. Bring some more logs to lumber mill to fill it. Open the map and select another truck, the C-255.

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  • 2. Engage all wheel drive (AWD) and diff lock to increase your traction and reduce the risk of getting stuck.
  • 3. If you would like to stop holding the accelerator button, you can use the cruise control function, which is more convenient when driving long distances.
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