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An unforgiving wilderness tamed by earth’s greatest minds. Scientists and engineers worked day and night to contain the planet’s dangerous gases a new civilization aries. A profound discovery leads to rapid technological advancements. But humanity put its faith in the wrong hands - the planet’s AI overlord. And her followers turned agans the people they swore to serve. Our last hope lies the the Murasaki angels.

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Matching red stones boosted hero attack! Check the affinity guide to maximize your damage! Deal additional damage based on affinity types. Always check the enemy’s affinity and plan your attacks. Opponents will attack when their countdown bar is empty. Notice that the timer reduced after making a match? That’s called the combo timer. You can make endless combos as long as the timer has not ran out. As you make matches, a mana core gets charged. Mana cores are used to cast skills.

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The control room lobby - from here you can go to missions, update your team and weapons change game settings and more. Above are your currencies. Energy is used for adventures. Gaianite is used for enhancing Angels and equipment. Gems are used to purchase premium items. Tap on the “?” icon for instructions and information. Boosters - get additional 20% player experience and Gianite upon clearing any level in any chapter. Gear - here , you can view and upgrade your weapons and accessories.
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Need more angels? You can recruit more from here! Tap on the banner and select a pack to purchase. You can select to recruit x1 or x10. Recruiting x10 angels will give you guaranteed ranked angels depending on your chosen pack.
Team - here, you can change your lineup, strengthen your heroes, and equip them with weapons and accessories. Press and hold an angel from your inventory to select her. Add her to your team by dragging her icon to your line up! To remove an angel for your team, press and hold on her icon then drag it back to your inventory! Character assigned to the first slot of the lineup is the team leader. Awaken your heroes to unlock their hidden skills that give bonuses to your team when you appoint them as the leader. Need more units on your team? Collect 10 of the same angels’ fragments then tap on the “create” button below to recruit her!

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