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Murderous Pursuits Game story: please forgive my rudeness. But i’m on a bit of a sticky wicket and there is no one else to turn to. About two weeks ago, i took part in a game of cat and mouse here on the H.M.C.S Brittanic. I thought things would go smoothly and that i could easily walk away with the prize money. But then i got into an accident and lost part of my memory. What’s even more worrying is that someone on this ship is actually trying to murder me. I hope you can come and help me.

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Welcome aboard the H.M.C.S Britannic. A most charismatic game of murder is awaiting you. And i’m your delightful host, X. To earn a high score in this game, you will need to hunt down your quarries while avoid being hunted yourself. Get the highest score to become the ultimate winner, and i shall fulfil your wish. However, you aren’t the only one vying for my favour. Other contestants also plan to dispatch you, and if you come in last, you may be eliminated by me. Let me teach you how to overcome your enemy with ease.

Murderous Pursuits cheats, hack codes

Keep an eye on your exposure while playing the game. When your exposure turns red, you will be revealed and a red icon will appear above your head. When revealed, your Quarry can see the red icon above your head - Quarry perspective (a hunter is near). While your hunter will see a green icon above your head - hunter perspective (quarry nearby!). The dotted line area on the ground is called a Vignette. Stand inside a Vignette to reduce exposure. You can also reduce your exposure by using the Disguise ability.
Moving will cause your exposure to increase. Tap the attack icon to attack your hunter or quarry. Approach the target and attack the target turns golden.
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Follow the centre of the green line to find your quarry. When the gren line if full, the quarry nearby! Find and dispatch the nearby quarry. The quarry is nearby? It seems that your quarry is hidden somewhere here, but we can’t determine which person in this group it is. When faced with this situation, we can use the ability reveal to identify everyone within range. When your quarry is revealed, a green icon will appear over their head. I forgot to mention that in our little game, quarries can also stun hunters. If a quarry attacks you first, you will be stunned. After being stunned by a character, that player will no longer be your quarry and you will be reassigned a new one.
The deadly game of cat and mouse upon the Britannic is about to begin. I look forward to you joining us, good luck.

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