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Commander, you need to build a base in the Doomsday for survive. Let’s get to work on your city. Build a quarry so you can produce your own stone. It will take more than stone to become president though. Build barracks so you have somewhere to train infantry.
Hey, you’re getting the hang of this, but hungry soldiers won’t fight. Build a farm to produce food for your troops. Now let’s make you a force to be reckoned with and start building your army.

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Nicely done! As thrilling as this is i can’t always be here to guide you. Follow my tips to quickly develop your city step by step. Whenever you complete a quest you receive a reward! Claim it in the quests menu below. Upgrade your base - upgrading unlock new features and benefits. Your farms and mills are great for producing resources, but who’s got time to sit around and wait all day? Let’s just go get some! Gathering is a great way to get resources, but your troops need time to fill the trucks. Let’s return to your city and upgrade your base.

Mutants War cheats, hack codes

Now that you’ve established yourself as a commander to be reckoned with, you’re ready to embark on some lastday quests and become even stronger. Here are some guide quests to help you become a good commander.
We can send assistance information to Dr.X through the radar station! A lot of airdrop chests are come soon! Please pay attention to find and collect! Hire an extra builder to develop faster! Recharge any amount to unlock extra builders permanently. You can still spend gold to use extra builders.
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There are some zombies around the base. Kill the zombies and protect your base! You need to find and click on the zombies to guide your sentry cannon to fire the enemy. Warning, zombies may appear at any moment. You can train gunners in the range. They stand at the end of the team and not vulnerable to danger. Dozers can be used to clear advanced rural plots and make space for new buildings. You can find them in top-up bundles and the daily delivery goody bags.

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