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Please tap the corgi paw to enter the village!
One day after a rainy day, Julie, who entered the house, found an abandoned Welsh Corgi. Julie brought the pitiful Welsh Corgi home. Corgi regains his energy with the help of Julie. She brought Welsh Corgi to the cafe he does not want to be alone. Then, the number of quests increased! So dog became my family!

My Pet Village hack

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You came early! I’m work hard today! Corgi is helping to operate the cafe. Let’s do errands for dog! Tap the pet and choose errand icon then pet brings back fruits. Dog who went to the errand cam back? Don’t forget to feed your pet after errand. If you feen your pet after running errands, their stamina will recover. Corgi has renewed energy? The quest is waiting already! Let’s take an order.

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I will explain to you to run the cafe, follow me! Tap the customer, then tap the plain yogurt (the customer want a plain yogurt. We can produce it. We need to prepare milk to make the yogurt. To get milk, we have to get a truck delivery. Let’s rent a truck.) Trucks can be rented at shop. The shop is located at the bottom left on the screen (shop icon).
My Pet Village wiki
You can order the ingredients by dragging the ingredients from the truck, bringing the ingredients into the truck and then tapping the start delivery button. Please wait, the ordered goods will arrive shortly.
Making products: click and drag the ingredients down after selecting the appliance to make a product. You can complete production immediately by using the token. Wow, the plain yogurt looks really good! The plain yogurt ordered by the guest was completed. Now let’s complete the customer’s order. YOu were really good! Let’s review what we have learned so far.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • Rent truck - use it to make an order ingredients in the market.
  • Complete order: first, check customer order! Second, order the ingredients from the truck! Third, make the product from the equipment! Finally, complete customer order!
  • Menu - when you have lots of customers you can carry out orders more efficiently.
  • Rewards can be obtained from your mailbox (gift box).
  • Use of cafe facilities: produce and obtain items required to complete order in the cafe facilites.

My Pet Village tips
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You do not meet the requirements? Use code or diamonds to complete it immediately. Use event gift and give: safari vehicle, decoration item in magic cafe, new pet costume, fix errors, adoption bug. Unlock special christmas decorations with xmas points. Get a christmass guardian tree by collecting xmas points. New car penguin - wGEO0HXUhl.
My Pet Village tutorial

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