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Characters you choose have nothing to do with professions, you can take any profession in game. The Knots are mainly concentrated in the snow and northern part of Belem. Knots are synonymous with bravery and wariness. They are born with great strength and fearless spirit.
Morolas - scattered throughout the western part of Belem. Most of them are outstanding assassins or mercenaries. Morolas like money very much, and their morality is also inconsistent with traditional concepts.

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Lindo people, mainly living in central Belem. They are tallen than humans of other races and have longer ears.
The Catalans - are the main ethnic group in the western part of Belem. THe Catalans are slightly shorter and less physically fit than ordinary people, but they have extraordinary wisdom.
Phoenixes - are scattered throughout Belem mainland. They mainly like to live in harbour towns. Phoenixes are usually very water-savvy.
Darkmoons - a race living in distant eastern land. In Belem continent, only very few darkmoon people exist. They have unknown spells and are extremely fatal.

My Hero Academia The Strongest Hero cheats, hack codes

Profession task: Hunter - hidden in secret places, elegantly take out the arrow and lay it on the bow, aim precisely at the enemy’s heart. It is quite easy for new heros.
Mage - unleash great power and bring enemies in front of you into devastating magic. If you want to eperience the powerful magic of area attack, choose mage.
Priest - meditating on the sacred mantra of restoring, let seriously injured teammates stand up again and always support teammates in the back.

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Mercenary - wielding dazzling axex, sweep through group of enemies with ultimate power. Mercenaries have highest atk of all professions.
Chance to get outlaw equipment in forge, increase its attribute by 50%. Get an outlaw weapon from first recharge. You can change graphics quality, language, pass, and fit notch in settings.

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