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I’m sitting here on a staircase while i could be partying with my friends back home. I’m happy to have someone to talk to. I was just on my way to fix up the feeding station, If you’ve got some time, and don’t mind the company. I can use a hand. I guess it’s better than watching the grass grow. Repair the feeding station - allows you to feed the horse for horse power.
The place is already looking better, thanks to you! Do you know anything about raising horses? Oh really? So you must know all about how to feed them. Follow me in!

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I get the feeling you were selling your skills short. Think you’d be able to do more than just feed horses? How about you represent the farm in an upcoming horse race? After all, it’s not like you have anything better to do around here.
Competitions you’re talking about - they give prizes to the winners right? Like actual money prizes? Not “i got a cute ribbon to show off to my parents” prizes? Winners around here make loads of meny, yeah. Only the first 3 places win the big prizes, and qualify for next competition.

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You must hurry and get star cleaned up from the competition. I wish we had the old grooming station up and running, but as most of this farm it’s in ruins. You know, your winning all money couldn’t have come at a better time! We’re getting a new horse today from this local breeder i know. I was going to ask you the same question. THe horse we choose will be yours. Shadow is a top breed horse with prize winning pedigree. It will cost top bucks to own her, but will sure bring us top prizes.
Now what? I wanna take this pony for a spin! Now that you have your very own horse we need to make sure you look presentable in the competition.
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You know that judges give extra points for style. Let’s pick up new riding outfit that will knock their boots off. Repair the main house - allows you to change your riding outfit. I’ve been looking around the farm and i’ve figured out what’s been killing off the crops. That’s why nothing’s growing around here! We need to build a proper silo and greenhouse that will help protect the crops from any unwanted pests.

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