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This quest is incredible important if we’re to revive the order. IF we manage to reform the order of knights you’ll get your back pay! According to the missive from the guild, dragons are acting up all across the land. Our objective is to hunt as many of them and their underlings as we can. The guild says there’s a special reward for us this time around. They’ll give us goods and supplies for every dragon we slay.

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Keep tapping the screen to give your character an attack speed buff. Touch your weapon to trigger your weapon skill. Make powerful equipment by strengthening and synthesizing your weapons and armor. Allies and rear support - You can receive support buffs by placing allies not engaged in combat as rear support. Quests - dispatch allies on quests. After some time has passed, you can obtain lost of gold.

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Recall and gather soul stones! They can be used to upgrade character ranks.
Bosses and equipment acquisition: every 5 stages you can hunt a boss. Defeat it to obtain new gear. Try and farm a variety of equipment.
Special missions - gather treasure through special missions. Spend coins and collect costumes.
Limit breaks - you can strengthen your basic abilities and skills by limit breaking your characters.
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If you make in app purchases, your non reward ads will be removed.
You can protect your equipment by activating the star icon in the instrument status window.
You can boost your attack speed by tapping the battle screen.
Active skills differ based on your equipped weapon.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: Gameplay steps, Key Features:
  • Do you know about the party windows? You can see it by touching the party emblem in the top left of the screen.
  • YOu can use soul stones or cheats to rank up your characters.
  • Teleport scrolls can only take you up to halfway through a cleared stage.
  • Advancing a character's rank also improves their ability boosts.
  • You can raise party skills as far as you have raised your party level. At higher party levels, the soul stones rewarded upon recall increase.

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Hack cheats tutorial MY Little Fantasy(wiki):
You should send allies on quests when they are not being used. Level up to permanently increase quest rewards. You can synthesize +20 weapons and armor, use codes - LZ8S1k4lbO. Accessories can not be synthesized. You can equip one ring and one necklace at a time.
Don’t forget about the special mission you can enter 3 times a day!
Buying costumes can make you even stronger. It’s a good idea to reinforce equipment you are using to +20.
When selecting weapons, consider the weapon’s skills as well.
MY Little Fantasy tutorial

Tips to enjoy special rewards MY Little Fantasy: gold, gift box, exclusive pack, costumes.

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