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Hello Mayor, welcome yo your city! I will be your personal assistant. First let's build a road! Tap on the road icon. Remember, all roads should be connected to the main highway. I see there's a residence nearby. Great, let's move it next to the road. Perfect, now let's build another residence. Open the city menu. Building and upgrading residences require some materials. Let's tap on the building to see what's needed.

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hack My Nano World android Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools):We already have a metal mine, but will require power to work. Can you build a solar panel? Looks like it's still not powered up. We need to change the power coverage layout. Tap on the solar panel. Now we can finally produce iron ores. Let's speed thing up! Open one additional slot for free. Now drag the iron ore to the production chain.

cheat Step #2: Great, you've got the iron ores! Let's use them to finish the building. Nobody like to wait. Let's skip this timer for 1 nanobuck! You've completed a city quest. Let's see what rewards you got. Experience, gold, material and you've reached a new level!

code Step #3:Hmm, something is wrong. Your citizens seem unhappy. Hurry, place a service building near your residences to counter that effect. Service buildings such as schools behave similarly to solar panels but affect the happiness factor. Remember, all residences must be covered by our service buildings in order to reach 100% happiness.

My Nano World android Step #4: As your city grows, you will be able to build more service buildings with even bigger coverage area! Citizens will pay more taxes as long as their happiness factor is fulfilled. Tap on your city hall to collect your taxes. You can find all the information about tax income inside. Keep in mind to revisit the city hall every once in while.

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  • 2. Upgrade your residences to increase population and taxe income.
  • 3. Build the city of your dreams. Become the best mayor ever. Make money by planting and selling crops. Discover nano farming.
  • 4. Create a technologically driven megapolis. 120+ production items.
  • 5. Tailor goods and services to a particular policy specialize your city.
  • 6. Complete order desks to grow faster, trade with other mayors.
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