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Thank God you are back! Grandma wrote to me about the date of your return but she forgot to tell me the exact time. You are right! THe island has seen better days. Not a lot of people come here anymore. Ms. Adele wants us to run this island together. I can’t do anything without you. Don’t just stand there! We have a lot of work to do! Complete all objectives to clear the stage.
Ms. Adele once told us that the most important building on the island is the Warehouse. All the important stuff is stored in the warehouse! Let’s repair the warehouse before it rains! The weather is quite unpredictable on the island! Tap the dilapidated warehouse to repair it.

My Tropicaland Food Paradise hack

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It costs bottle caps to build or repair buildings. We can use cheat codes or spend some cash to complete the construction instantly. The next step is of course to fill it up! You can build some farmlands to grow crops and fill up the warehouse with them! The land is fertile on the island! Now sow the wheat seeds! There will be a good harvest this year! I’m sure of it! Swipe to sow multiple farmlands. It takes a very long time for the wheat to grow. All good things are worth waiting for. While you are waiting, you might as well do something meaningful!

My Tropicaland Food Paradise cheats, hack codes

Basic controls: line up 3 basic elements of the same color to clear them. Clear enough elements to complete stage objectives. Line up 4 basic elements of the same color to create a firework. Double tap or swap the firework to set it off and clear all the elements of the entire row. Match 5 or more basic elements of the same color in a T or L shape to create a bomb. Double tap or swap the bomb to set it off and clear all the elements in the surrounding area. Throw boomerang at a prioritized target.
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You can get bottle caps by clearing stages or use cheat codes. They are the key to constructing buildings. The next step is to ship the wheat to the warehouse for storage. Tap the farmland to check the growth status of your crops. Can we turn that vacant space to the left of the restaurant into a helipad? The island is a big place. We could save a lot of time if we deliver our food by helicopter. We’ll use the money we get from the orders to develop the island. Pretty soon there will be new items on the menu. Apparently it’s very efficient to use helicopter to deliver orders. With the money we make, we can construct more buildings and the island will prosper.

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