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My Turn cheat world:
1. OptT3cabxz - lucky box
2. aJ1RimCiP8 - cards
3. owkL6ab5FP - secret mode
4. lBStoshdJo - luxury bag
Play cards to attack Duran! Deal as many damage as you can get! For the victory! Hold on the cards and drag upwards to use card. Attack - deal damage to the front enemy hero, gain 20 energy. At the beginning of the turn, your maximum MP will be increased and all MP will be restored. Tap on the energy bar to play ultimate skill. Accumulate power, cast ultimate skill!

My Turn hack

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7YyKuR7S6s - Flame scroll: deal damage with combust.
8sfwp14k8e - Channeling: costs 1 less mana at the end of each turn.
wXEDhufb6Q - Combust: deal fire damage at the end of each turn, last permanently.
lNtxEuqVTR - Lightning scroll: deal 4 or 8 damage to all enemy heroes.
f8JLAHNZWJ - Rush: increase 1 damage at the end of your turn.
BQ7XsCB4qb - War stomp: deal 3 damage to all enemy hero. Gain taunt, then increase 1 damage, and shuffle it into your deck.
aUO1kiw0OE - Weakness; damage - 50% until end of turn. If there is empowering effect, it will be neutralized.

My Turn cheats android, ios hack codes

1. q9LMsisprp - level up
2. hPDE6RhuXB - voucher
3. r8TtR91KD8 - shard
4. dxFfryxvZC - artifact
5. 4uGF2BnNKk - resources

My Turn hack month card
s23Zx8ccV1 - Taunt: attract the enemy’s attention and priority to be attacked.
69y91LDRwx - Daze: can’t play card or use EX skill.
Wx9jjXIAw8 - Frigid: can’t play attack card, frigid damage taken will be double.
6grKv8s3o4 - Emanation: add ice scroll, flame scroll and lightning scroll to your hand. Reduce the original cost of them by 2. Command heroes of different color to fight.
GsYZm5rM33 - Incendiary shot: deal damage with combust. Spend all your mana, increase 1 damage for each spended mana.

My Turn wiki
73vkvpkg3N - Cleansing touch: dispel debuff from a friendly hero, or dispel buff from a enemy hero.
85UVGOZ96R - Restorative spell: choose a friendly hero. At the start of your next turn, restore 25 health to it, and dispel debuff from it.
Equipment codes:
s4S1zvSt6D - barrier orb: at the end of your turn, gain shield.
vHykiEGrrv - Robe of focused energy: whenever play skill card, gain energy. Gain extra energy for each mana the played card cost.
vvGfW980hD - Leech mask: whenever play attack card, take health.
reWJu3PxvC - Nun’s eardrop: whenever use EX skill, gain mana.

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Code number Cheat Hack title
1 DdJoqa61sX upgrade
2 e4knGjYj2T gem crystal
3 4QCzBs9glM equipment
4 0e0GYrqjrM promo code
5 JbRd5FmQWp gift box
6 dtV58QN9Lv gold coins
7 wJUa3wjZuA month card
8 VE3yZtMHXm premium pack
9 ty4s0NrhoZ arts
10 4t0sBhR05d vip ticket
11 CrK0PKB7xh gear pack

My Turn gift codes, hack, note.

Tip, android gameplay secrets: Gameplay steps, Key Features:
  • Wear the equipment the hero will become stronger!
  • Use the prop card, turn the tables!
  • Wings the relics of the transformation of god of war. By equipping them, your knights will gain a new appearance and great stats bonus.
  • Wings of higher tier could be promoted for more times. You may promote your wings to gain greater stats bonus.
  • Join in ranked matches and purchase wings from store to get new wings. The stats bonus from all the activated wings is stackable.

My Turn tips
Hack cheats tutorial My Turn(wiki):
Heroes: Kelemvor - undead knights whose soul never cease. They are fearsome being who attacks with flaming claymore with no need to care about defense.
Frost banshee - a banshee born from ice of thousands of years in icy kingdom, it can freeze soul of the enemy.
My Turn tutorial

Tips to enjoy special rewards My Turn: gold, gift box, exclusive pack, equipment.

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1. EhcTzrKPY8
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2. IIqfpZNrNx
3. dTd49L5J2I

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