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Cheat Mystery Forest Match 3 Fun hack android, ios code

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GenreRole Playing > Action RPG
Mystery Forest Match 3 Fun Cheats
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How & Where enter
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
How to win - focus on target elements and the level will be completed once you reached the target points. Match three elements of the same color to collect them. Left menu - your points are shown here. Get enough points to pass the level. Every blueberry provides you with 30 points. Collect more blueberries to complete the level. match 4 elements in a row to see what you get. You got a drill. Switch it with a nearby element to activate it. Match 4 elements into a square to create a missile. Switch the missile with a nearby element to activate it. The missile will aim at the target.
Mystery Forest Match 3 Fun Hint&Tips
1. Match 5 elements into an "L" shape to create a bomb. Tapping a booster twice also can activate it.
2. Try and beat the level in the fewest moves possible! Any unused moves will convert to coins.
3. Match 5 of the same element in a line to create a swirl which is a powerful booster booster that helps you to win. Activate it to clear all the elements of the same color. The color depends on the element being switched with.
4. Want to try out your new deck? GO to the training.
5. When you tap the swirl twice to activate it or use cheats codes, hack tools, the swirl will clear those elements with the most number of the same color elements.
Stone - clear near the stone to destroy it. You can upgrade elements in it and make it easier for you to pass levels. All the unlocked elements are shown on the left. The details of the selected element are shown on the right. Upgrading at each level will consume the required element shards. You can get element shards by successfully passing the levels. The higher the level of the element, the more points it provides, and the easier it is to complete the level. With the attribute, activating a missile has a probability to launch 1 extra missile. Wealth - can increase the number of coins you get from levels.
Did you notice that the attribute is stackable? If you get the same attribute again in the future, it will stack one more layer, and the gold coins income will increase accordingly. There are also many interesting attributes waiting for you to unlock.
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Hack Release Date06 September 2020
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