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Mystic Mana cheat world: five thousand years ago, Vigorous arctic "Vajra Arni" the fighters Vajra Arusa' are born. Their birth and race have not beer revealed until now however, it is known to be diffirent from the present dragon. Arni was responsible for the harmony of thin. After a thousand years of fighting, Arnie succeeeds in sealing Arusa. After sealing Arusa, all things in the world had eternity and they did not die anymore. Arni has been weakened by his effors to cultivate his life for thousands of years, and the seal of Arusa is lifted.

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The weakened Arni can no longer prevent Arusa, and she explodes with Arusa in the highest places of the world. Because of this mana explosion, light, water, nature, fire and dark mana spread widely all over the world. In the cold north, where the strong life lives, the fire mana, mana of water is on the west to serve harmony and circulation. In the south where the liberaten people gather quietly and live, the dark mana. In the east, where many races live toghether ....

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We are witing for you to become the lord of this world and to prosper the nation. Let me tell you how to operate and develop your country. At the top of the status bar you can see the amount of gold, manastone, wood, ore. These resources are needed when building or creating hero, magic card. You can proceed with construction from an empty tile. Construction panel - on this panel you can select the buildings you want to build. Collect resources from the field to make the manor even bigger.

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The mana charge station keeps its action every hour. When necessary, you can regain a lot of power at once. As the level of the adventurer increases, hero's movement speed increases. Next, i'll show you how to move your hero to surrounding areas and put resources throughout the pandian continent. When you select a hero, you can activate the movement mode of the selected hero and the hero panel at the bottom. In motion mode, you can prepare for movement by touching a specific location in the field. When you touch a specific position in the navigation mode, navigation path to the touch position is displayed.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: after confirming the movement path, touch once again to start moving the hero to the position you touched. Whenever a hero moves consumes his ability to move, sometimes return to nature to regain his power. heroes have arrived at their destination! however, once this hero moves over the fiedl, the action point will no longer be restored. We must regain action point by returning with out castle again. Move your hero to explore parts of the continent as you have been told so far.

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Tutorial Mystic Mana (wiki): the lord can explore nearby mines or remains. You can use the country skill to find exploration around your nature or to help hero. In the exploration menu, the surrounding mines and ruins are listed in the order of low. YOu can find more information about mines in the info window. The resources accumulated in the mine can be acquired as much as the commander's transport capacity.

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