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Hack Mystic Tribes: cheat List
10000 friendship points - use hack 1hnneWeEK
10x heroic summon - enter pass EuPMjxNJm
100x scrolls - wzPEpsYrw
1000x diamonds - 2MfOdZUwp
5 stars hero - G3Xfg6la5
10k gold coins - oHMnNSg0u
1 Month Card code - FgABldgKA
upgrade cheat - hB4m5JBI4
10 voucher - vdPKAIz4y
weekly gift bag - XdUvmlpur
secret combination - SoKuzOaUV
level up - rHGjACx09
5 ultra pack - cK6c9HKRl
legendary gear - oKuUBuyp5
vip 13 privileges - wyRgbRhFS
special reward - L9L8ydhPL
How & Where enter
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game Story
Traveler, welcome to the secret realm! This is the sacrificial totem where you can summon powerful heroes. Basic summon are more likely to summon out regular heroes (1-5 stars), consumes common summon scrolls. Heroic summons could summon out heroes at higher quality (3-5 stars). Cool, now you're familiar with recruiting heroes, we're introducing the campaign next, go check it out. Passing by this campaign, you'll hit the battlefield. Time to get some strength and win some battles.
Mystic Tribes Hack Basics
A battle is initiated! Lets see how it goes. When there are a specified number of heroes of the same faction in the team, the corresponding faction aura bonus can be obtained. First, select the heroes ought to join the battle. Heroes will gain energy when he attacks/ being attacked, an active skill will be casted as the energy of hero is full.
Besides summoning, you can also get heroes by combining hero shards. Collect enough shards to summon the selected hero. The adventure would be impossible without powerful heroes, lets power up your heroes up next - enter cheats codes or use hack tools menu. Spare units could be decomposed into spirit stones, spirit stones are essential materials used to level up your units.
Hint & Tips
1. Click chest to claim the idle rewards, the rewards stacks itself as time goes by. Remember to claim the idle rewards on time, the rewards will stack as time goes by.
2. Click on the hero's avatar to select the hero joining the battle.
3. Don't forget to power up your heroes as much as possible my brave friend!
4. Earn 3 heroic summon scrolls each day from mail attachments by logging in during the event.
Mystic Tribes SHOP & VIP
Bazaar has opened - where you can find all kinds of rare treasures. VIp privilege: by hitting the matching VIP level you can claim rewards. Bonus daily reward as purchasing advanced privilege card. IDle gold, player EXP, hero experience bonus +100%, slots in inventory + 800, daily instance available attempt purchases +10, unlock 4x battle speed.
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Mystic Tribes Redeem gift code
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Patching InformationTargets ISO (Disc Based)
GenreRole Playing > Action RPG
Hack Release Date25 September 2020
Last Modified25 September 2020
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