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Commander! We received an urgent message! We are under attack by the army of darkness led by priest Rasputin. We must fight back at once! I am cheat-on, and I'll be taking you through your training. You look like you have a thousand questions for me. We have a more pressing matter to attend to, so we'll have to get to know each other some other time. Before heading to the battlefield, select a hero to lead your army.  Mystic heroes  –  characters code
Rosa – the sharpest of judgment and composure guide the arrows shot by Rosa, astride a bounding white tiger, to find their targets without fail. She is feared by her enemies. Kaya – joined forces with Urushan the brown bear to punish the priests of darkness for destroying the forest. The fate of battles depend on the clout of her weapon and the roar of Urushan. Chloe – under grand sorcerer wignad's guidance, Chloe grew into a hero who commands armies. Her healing ability and summon spells greatly boost morale.

Mystic heroes cheats android, ios hack codes

Mystic heroes  –  hack codes
Now it's time to let all of the Nobis continent know who you are, commander. Leadership and strategies are important, but without camrades by your side, the battle is as good as lost. Don't forget that. Please touch for long time where you want to move. If you stop touching, troops will stop. Automatic troop production when to get full gage. There's one more thing for you to remember! A battle is as good as lost if the leader hero falls. Remember that. Touch the right side of the screen to make the army move forward. To make the fighting army move backward keep touching more than 1 second. Avoid a showdown until you have a big enough party. Avoiding unnecessary battles is a strategy in itself. The fight against the army of darkness will only get tougher. Your leader heroes need to be made stronger, commander. Heroes can be made even stronger through upgrade and promotion. Don't forget that.

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Mystic heroes –  secret code
Soulstones range from 1 star to 5 stars. Soulstones can be collected in different ways. Touch and hold the left side of the screen for 1 second or longer to withdraw a hero from battle. Unit heroes make formations automatically based on their combat type. Skills can be upgraded according to the class of a hero. Increase your hero's level to use even greater skills. A hero's maximum growth level is determined by his or her class. Use promotion to make even more powerful heroes. Press the restation button to station a new hero. Heroes that don't fight in battles will not grow. Make sure to station every new hero you acquire. Using traps in battle at just the right time can turn the battle in your favor. Don't forget different areas offer different items. Synthesize a gem and a skill card to obtain a gem and a skill card of a higher level.

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1. YlkX23XmYh - soulstones
2. tswbhDN4qN – clear ticket
3. KN3fvRS81E – skill cards
4. ZFBSJa0Wzw – unlimited food
5. DultXeqV3S – gem crystal
6. r5Owdg5HDE – gold coins
7. VrTFPYGf5m – summon heroes
8. XKGTdpf42W - upgrade

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