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1. bpZkZL - lucky box
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3. TOwgnR - secret mode code
4. khcf0h - luxury bag
5. M7PKmo - free coupons
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Mythgard basics: play minions and use them to attack the gatekeeper. Reduce the gatekeeper’s life to 0 to win battle. The first thing i need to do is burn a card. Burning a card gives me 1 mana and 1 gem. mana and gems refresh every turn. Drag the Chloe Sunshine to the bottom of the screen to burn the card. Chloe sunshine - of course it’s magic. This mainspring drives the mechanism that winds itself. Alright, minotaur costs 1 mana and 1 red gem. Now let’s create a minion - use hack. Your minions can occupy and of the seven lanes on your side of the board.

Mythgard hack

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Most minions are sluggish when tehy ‘re first created. It should perk up the next turn. That’s a good start, but the gatekeeper won’t step aside without a fight. Cards always cost both mana and gems. Mana and gems refresh each turn. Burning cards build up my resources. After a few turns, i’ll be able to play more powerful cards. I should burn forlorn spirit or use cheat code e0HEBG. Now i have 2 mana to use each turn. Drag the other forlorn spirit from your hand to any lane. Cards that you can play are highlighted in blue. Forlorn spirit - deal damage to each opponent.

Mythgard cheats, hack codes

1. UfyF9X - level up
2. LGWfx7 - voucher
3. FWnw3V - shard
4. 3dBtoh - artifact
5. TSlkXZ - characters

Awaken abilities happen as soon as the minion is out into play. It look like that minotaur is ready to start fighting (this minion was played last turn, so it can attack this turn). Minions threaten the three lanes in front of them. Attacking an empty lane hits the enemy player. Minions usually can’t attack an empty lane unless all three opposing lanes are empty. Tell the minotaur to attack the gatekeeper. Nice, a few more of those and we’ll have him beat! The gatekeeper is defeated when his life reaches zero.
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Enemy played a minion to block my attack. I need to find a way to get attacks through. I could use hack cheats codes g4zphH or an ignition to deal 2 damage to Hellion. Nothing stands in the way now. Make sure both the minotaur and the forlorn spirit attack! Oops, i almost forgot to burn a card this turn. Pick ona and burn it. Flames remind you that you haven’t burn a card yet this turn. Cards i burn get shuffled back into my deck.
Strigoi Pup code pBWu70 - will attack every turn if don’t stop it.

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7 pea4aP month card
8 stvjEi premium pack
9 A8sTuZ cards
10 V7n0Uy vip ticket
11 vx8VC6 gear pack

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Hack cheats tutorial Mythgard (wiki):
Use spells, codes, minions, enchantments, runes, relics and artifacts to defeat your targets. Every play could mark the difference between victory and defeat. Your deck is not restricted to a single class or faction, opening a world of limitless possibility. Every legendary card can be earned through play or enter cheat AyJKi8, and you can build your collection in any way you choose! A variety of PvE modes provide daily rewards, while an equal variety of PvP modes let you test your skill against the ultimate opponent - other players!
Mythgard tutorial

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