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There is a long-forgotten tree like no other tree. It is a gateway into another realm... Here, nine continents are ruled by ascended legends and Gods of old and split by the factions: Luminarchs, Shadowarchs, Verdians and Guardians. The Oracle, seeing one hope, beckons a savior to this dying world...We need to bring it back under our control. My Energy is full. Tap on my icon to use my Ultimate! My Ultimate is most effective in the center. Please drag me to position 4. Tap to activate all Heroes' Ultimate automatically.

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hack Mythic Heroes Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools): Leave the battle to go to the Hero Preview. This is "Heroes" area, you can view the Heroes you've summoned and their statuses. Tap to see Hodur's status. Tap or hold the Level Up button to level up the Hero. Select Hodur for combat. Tap to increase the combat speed. We found an Artifact and Runes in the loot! Hodur is our main damage dealer. Equip him with an Artifact to unleash more power.

cheat Step #2: Every Hero can equip up to 3 Runes into their orientation positions. Earth Rune can block Damage. A shortcut to Runes and Artifacts is on this panel. If their icon type is displayed in color, it means there is Equipment available for use.Tap on the Fire Rune to equip the highest-level Fire Runes. Equipping 3 Runes of the same element activates a power known as Elemental Resonance and this gives the Hero a bonus attribute. Auto-Assault allows you to challenge the next level automatically. We have a new Hero! Hippolyta is the daughter of the God of War, Ares. Select Hippolyta for battle. Drag the Hero horizontally to switch from an Offensive Formation to a Defensive Formation.

code Step #3:1. All Hero levels will be in sync with the 5th Hero's level, until they all reach Lv. 300. If any of the top 5 Heroes' level is reset, all Heroes outside of the top 5 will also be reset. All the EXP used for Hero Level Up will then be returned.
2. Each Hero can be Enhanced, Ascended or Leveled Up. A Hero can be Ascended only with their Hero Token. Use factional SR Tokens to Enhance Heroes. Use Gold, EXP and Star Dust to Level Up Heroes.
3. Tap the Reset icon in the top left corner of a Hero's display to Reset them. diamonds are required to Reset, but many resources are returned from the Hero's Level Up and Ascension.
4. SR Heroes can be Reset and all Ascension resources will be returned.
5. After all Heroes are synced to Lv. 300 (max), an additional 5 sync levels will become available for each Hero Ascended to the rank Celestial 1 or higher.

Mythic Heroes Step #4: The Astrolabe of Truth gathers energy from movement of stars and the transformation of matter. It can provide us with resources to enhance our strength! Tap on the Astrolabe to spin it with a Gear of Time. After one spin, the slot where the pointer stops at is lit up. Rewards or skill charge ups are possible. Tap the Astrolabe to see if you could trigger a skill!

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  • When all the slots on the outer rim are lit up, you can tap the Astrolabe again to spin the inner rim. All the rewards from the Astrolabe will be stored on the treasure pile. Tap it, to claim them. The Astrolabe spins automatically even when you are offline. Claim its rewards the next time you log in. Let's accelerate the Astrolabe for 100 spins. Tap again to fast forward and complete the spins. Light up all the icons in the inner rim to fill the Core Energy. The Core is now filled with Energy, let's try to tap it.
  • Each time when the Core is filled with Energy, huge rewards become available for drawing. Spin the Core now and see what you get! Incredible, we received 10 Summon Scrolls! Let's go summon more Heroes at the Summoner Sanctum. Use Hero duplicates for Hero Ascension and Enhancement. Great work, Summoner! You've learned a lot about this world in a short time!
  • Check out your Journal if you do not know what to do next. You can claim a hidden chest after it is completely revealed on the puzzle board.
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