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The demon God is near. We need to clear out a path from those monsters. I can feel our power are draining away without our faithful, we must hurry. Our destiny is sewed. You must take the infinity rune and find the one who can save the world. Match 4 runes to create a powerful rune, 5 stones - create a lightning crystal.

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We have all the resources and are waiting for your command! We need more iron for expansion. Tap empty area to build a mine. Skip wait time usually require gems, but it is free in the hacking of the game. Iron can be used to construct and upgrade buildings. Houses hold trainee, trainee can be trained into heroes. House gives us more room for trainee.

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My feeling tells me that you are the one. This infinity rune will give you a fighting chance against the demon god. The infinity rune will summon heroes. They will assist you in the battle.
This battle is the beginning of a war to liberate the realm from Baal’s control: the number next to the enemy health shows how soon the enemy attacks.
MythWars Puzzles wiki
We have to cleanse the evil and capture each region. Eventually, we will confront the demon God. Elements affect how much damage you can inflict. Attack the fire enemy with nature. The attack is weaker and only does half the damage. Now attack the fire enemy with ice. The attack is stronger and does double damage. You can always find this information on the top left corner of the screen.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • Remember, shown heroes and troops are only examples of possible summon results.
  • Use special skill when they are ready!
  • We should return to the castle and manage the construction. Upgrading the castle expands the base certain levels, providing more room for buildings.
  • When we defeat our enemies, we will receive plenty of loots and trainees. Trainees can be turned into heroes.
  • Ascending a hero requires ascension materials. Materials are earned in battles.

MythWars Puzzles tips
Hack cheats tutorial MythWars Puzzles(wiki): Training ground allows trainee to be trained into heroes. Each hero has a different special skills. Special skills can be improved as the hero levels up. Find more trainees from the battlefield and train them. Having a powerful team is the key to victory. The new hero’s special skill is medic herb, use it to heal everyone in the party. Select a characters to train with. Trainers share their experience, and will be removed from the hero list. Once a hero’s level is maxed, you can ascend them.
MythWars Puzzles tutorial

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Common heroes only ascend once. Uncommon and rarer characters can ascend multiple times. Bosses use their special skills when their mana bar is full.
We need to build an atelier to craft out battle supplies. You can upgrade the atelier to craft more useful items.
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