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Free hack cheats tools, codes list (andoind/ ios), gift pass, New York City USA engine. Narcos Idle Cartel cheat list: H9XZ7N - Special Offer 8
XhGGE4 - cash
71Vd7H - Enormous Stash
sAx5X2 - auto clicker
5Y6R7D - speedup
GnFipy - influence
hZNNPi - legendary characters
n0RXzj - gold coins
81bu2k - maximum upgrade
YWg1aE - booster
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When your father died, i inherited the family estate. For the first time in five years, i found myself back in Colombia. You want to know what i am doing on your family property i imagine. You were a baby the last time i saw you. I am so sorry about your father’s passing. We were like brothers. Your father and i had an arrangement that i hope we could continue. He could turn water into gasoline if he need to. But he also had a great deal of debt. And now, so do you! But that’s where i can help.

Narcos Idle Cartel hack

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He made products for me in secret, hidden in these jungles. ANd with these products, we cna make a fortune. Let me show you how. Unlock workbench to get started. Excellent, you have completed your first goal. Collect your rewards. Now, you need workers to get going. Tap on the stockroom transporter to deliver resources to the workbench. Tap on the workbench worker to make the products. Tap on the market transporter to collect the products. You’re getting the hang of it. Now keep it up and make us 660 cash.

Narcos Idle Cartel cheats, hack codes

To make more money you need to upgrade your workbenches. What i do is not without risk. The product that i make is illegal. But you will be one step removed from that world. Motivating workers through video will give you 2x sales at the market. Continue your father’s work. Supply me with what i need. Together we can eliminate your family debt, and become filthy rich in the meantime.
Managers keep your production going, even when you are away. Use cheat code to hire a manager for the stockroom transporters. Good, you’ve automated the stockroom transporters.
Narcos Idle Cartel wiki
Now earn enough currency to hire the remaining two managers. Upgrade the stockroom to provide more resources to the workbenches. I’ve made a lucrative deal with the government. Every six hours they will send us a free gift in a briefcase. Instant cash - get money based on your current production! Influence points - gain more influence for a small amount of money. Super cash - load up on more money for your operations. use them to buy valuable boosts and briefcases from the store.

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1 UhHzIo upgrade
2 OwEbzf stat point
3 YRkoba coupon
4 L8d3ou promo code
5 kCde2p gift box
6 8WeR5g gold coins
7 D1bXzQ month card
8 Graz2c premium pack
9 7XWmKe legendary gear
10 eGMaTo vip ticket
11 Z0SjNp gear pack

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: Gameplay steps, Key Features:
Narcos Idle Cartel tips
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. qTisnB - supply box
RHHqi1 - treasure chest
gM2SFd - multiplayer
blWzCw - vip status
fdu7B9 - star tokens
Hack lN6463 - artifacts
Cheat LLqt3z - evade
14P1yj - elite ticket
yOJ3FX - exchange cheat code

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