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Basics: aim to attack first. The side with the highest total SPD attacks first. Include shinobi with high SPD in your team to gain the upper hand in battle! Defeat your enemies by attacking first! When your SPD is higher you attack first. When your SPD is higher you attack first. Left side -this shows damage dealt and remaining HP. Use the right shinobi for the most damage! Use shinobi types to your advantage during battle. You’ve got three of the same color! Tap for a chain attack.

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Use affinity advantage when attacking! Boost your type damage. Activate powerful tribe specials! Inflict tons of damage with tribe specials! Tribe specials’ high damage and team enhancements can turn the tide of the battle.
What you saw just niw was data from a science ninja tool called “shinobi genealogy”. We can use it to make shinobi and tailed beasts from the past reappear. You’re interested in shinobi history, aren’t you? Especially the bonds between shinobi? So i’d like you to take on this mission made with genealogy. What? Oh, i havent’t explained how to use genealogy yet? Fragments contain the history of generations of shinobi. In other words, their data. If you collect enough fragments, you can materialize those shinobi and use them in battle.

Naruto X Boruto Ninja Tribes cheats, hack codes

Now you’re ready to take on some missions. Before we finish, let me give you the mission details. I think shinobi have unlimited potential. That potential is, in part, due to their bonds with others. I’d like you to look into those bonds. I’ve been learning from other shinobi for as long as i can remember. But, there may be bonds between shinobi that are yet to be discovered. I’d like you to lookinto them. Collect lots of fragments and try out as many different combinations of shinobi as you can. Awaken Naruto to change his illustration! When you clear missions, you earn Shinobi fragments to use in awakening! Awaken, enjoy the new dynamic art! The effects of the final stage character art are animated. Gather fragments and aim for the final stage.
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Let’s get you started on Standard missions. This is where you’ll fight the replica data of various heroes. What i want you to learn here are the basics of battle. The first champion you encounter may have a surprise in store for you.
Missions: standard - here you can acquire items to make your hero stronger! Elite - defeat even stronger character to get their fragments! EXP drills - train with Sasuke to earn lots of EXP! Gold Rush Drills - challenge Naruto to earn lots of Ryo!
Start battle with full Chakra gauges! Beware, after chapter 1 you no longer start with maximum chakra. Shinobi with glowing chakra auras can activate special Ninjutsu! The blue gauge is your character’s chakra gauge! It fills whenever they attack or take damage. Try out all their special ninjutsu!

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Hurricane Vortex: cherry blossom wind - deals damage to 1 enemy. Recovers all allies’ HP by 40$ of own ATK and boosts their critical suppression rate by 50% for 2 turns. Boosts ATK for user and all allies on the same three man cell for the rest of the battle. SzhS9Y - supply box
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