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Free hack NBA 2K Mobile Basketball cheats code list - rings, equipment, gold, promo ticket, gold player, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. NBA 2K Mobile Basketball cheat world: let’s get you some players for your team. Just tap the card pack to open it. Tap each card to see what you got, and then we’ll meet on the court. See the shoot button? Tap and hold the shoot button to take a shot. Release the button when the line is at the top of the meter for better accuracy. Even if you release the shot at the best time, it still might not go in, depending on the skill of your shooter and their position.

NBA 2K Mobile Basketball hack

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Now pass the ball. You can also tap on the player you want to pass to. Now try defense. Holding the defend button will automatically take you to the ball carrier to apply defensive pressure. Continue holding the button and swipe left to attempt a steal. Now you need to learn how to move around the court. Tap and drag the virtual stick. Sometimes you might want the game to be a little more automated. In that case, you can tap the manual button to switch it to auto mode.

NBA 2K Mobile Basketball cheats android, ios hack codes

NBA 2K Mobile Basketball hack relics
During auto mode, you can still pass, block, steal, and shoot. Also, you can switch back to manual mode at any time. Draft board - you can use draft picks to reveal rewards. The better you play, the more picks you get. You hacked a silver crd - this card are stronger than the bronze cards you have, so we can use this to improve your team. See number? That tells you the power of the card. The silver card has a higher power, so tap on it to add it to your lineup.

NBA 2K Mobile Basketball wiki
You should train the card you just swapped in. Training allows you to make strong cards even stronger. Cards used in training will be lost, but it’s the best way to improve your players.
Let’s work on your game with some drills. Play drills to earn equipment! Master drills to unlock higher difficulties and earn better rewards. Every drill has a preferred position. Shooting practice (practice your shooting from different points on the court) - will give rewards more suited to that position. Tap the play button and go practice with your shooting guard.
    Shooting practice:
  • Use the joystick to move to the indicated area.
  • Once inside the area, press and hold shoot to attempt a field goal.
  • Collect your rebound and follow the arrow to the next area.
  • Making a shoot awards a point. making 3 shots in a row awards a bonus point. Get 3 points to pass, and 6 points to master.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • Each drill is assigned a player position and may drop items for that position. Drills can be mastered by getting an A grade. Tap the info button to read drill instructions.
  • Play seasons to earn equipment, rings, and cards! Win season championships to unlock more challenging and rewarding seasons. The big rewards are at the finals. You get to the finals by winning regular season games and the conference finals. The first game is already in progress, so get in there and win!

NBA 2K Mobile Basketball tips
    Tutorial NBA 2K Mobile Basketball(wiki):
  • Team management screen - this allows you to see the matchups in the upcoming game.
  • See the icons on the top of each card? They show your advantage matchups. Your advantage types will be compared with the players on the opposing team in the same positions.
  • Change your favorite team by tapping the avatar on the top bar of the main menu.
  • When your shot meter turns green, you have an increased chance of scoring.

NBA 2K Mobile Basketball tutorial

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  • 1. nZUVgaI7Q8CIKRh - card pack
  • 2. ysd8PFUGD5p0HFj - equipment
  • 3. otnEDU01c7IPiOl - gold player
  • 4. anTfncuikAeSrtG - promo code
  • 5. mGdkh16qlhLEiKK - rings
  • 6. m1hTEkdvXyCPG1T - gold
  • 7. C1csJ2URyw03hOo - gem crystal (diamonds)
  • 8. FQyhI8yL6OQ7uU2 - premium pack
  • 9. KlxVsApBz620tFP - chest
  • 10. bN65fX7LpDv0ksC - vip ticket

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