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In this exhibition game, we will introduce some basic skills. First, here's what happens when your team is on offense. Dribble and shoot - in this game, players automatically move toward and around the perimeter. Tap the shoot button to shoot at any point in time. The gauge under the player shows his current scoring rate. If the shot misses, players will automatically try to get the rebound. The scoring rate will be higher if the shot is uncontested, so try to get open.

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Drive to the basket - if you want to get your player closer to the basket, hold the drive to basket button. While holding the drive to basket button, your player can perform various moves depending on the situation and drive towards the basket for a layup or a dunk as soon as opportunity arises. The higher your player's ball control ability, the more take moves he can perform.

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Tap the pass button to pass the ball to the target player, who has a blinking circle under his feet. If the target player is out if the screen view, there will be a blinking circle on this name tag. The target player is selected automatically.
When on defense, your defender will automatically follow his matchup player. If you decide to try and block the shot, hold the shot defense button. Your defender will try to jump and block the shot when the oppoentn attempts a ranged shot or a layup.

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