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Neon Defenders Cheats
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Game story
Please to meet you commander. I know you might be a little bit disappointed to be stationed on a small base at the outskirt of our empire but don't worry. If you work diligently for a few years. You will probably be moved to a base closer to the center like the commander that worked here before you. Your main responsibility here will be to manage the staff and oversee the defenses. While it may sound like a lot of work there isn't really much to do because no one would be that stupid to attack us. Being a soldier of the strongest nation in the galaxy has its perks.
Commander, our radars are showing a small amount of hostile ships heading this way. We will need to skip the formalities and start to work right away. Because we didn't expect an attack here, there are only three platforms prepared. Fortunately, we have enough funds for two blasters and one laser blaster. I marked the spots where you can place the turrets.
Just tap on the platform and then on the turret you want two times.
We managed to repel the first wave of enemy forces. Our radar are showing that there are considerable more enemies in the second one. I'm afraid the number of turrets we have now will not be enough.
Unfortunately, there aren't any more platforms we can place our turrets on. We will need to upgrade one of our exiting ones or use cheats Neon defenders code, hack tools. Right now, we can upgrade the standard blaster. To do it simply tap on the turret and chose the upgrade from the side menu.
Tracer MK - a most basic of turrets, fires metal bolts heated to extreme temperatures. Its most notable features are low build cost and somewhat decent rate of fire. On the downside it has small range and disappointing projectile damage with no armor penetration.
Villar - double the barrels for twice the firepower with increased range and decent critical chance ALL of that at a low price point.
Raptor - fires its shots rapidly for a short period of time after which it becomes inactive to cooldown and reload. Good burst damage but small range and clip size. Use Neon Defenders cheat code, hack tool to unlock.
Laser blaster MK - modern and efficient turret that fires small laser beams. Decent range and damage with some armor penetration capabilities.
Rocket launcher - shoots rockets that explode upon impact causing little area damage. Good range high projectile damage and moderate area of effect from explosions. On downside this turret has abysmal rate of fire and can miss smaller enemies.
Standard - fires 1 homing missile at the target location. Receive 1 missile every 15 seconds. Can store up to 3 missiles. Winter uniform - fires 1 heavy missile, receive 1 missile every 20 seconds. Special ops uniform - places 3 proximity mine at the target location. Receive 1 mine set every 35 sec. Can store up to 2 mine sets. Space pilot - calls 1 space strike to target location.
Patch Version
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