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Free hack Neopets legends letters cheats code list - epic card, level up, gold, promo ticket, energy, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Neopets legends letters cheat world: a long time ago, an evil yillain controlled minds with a terrible curse. What is important is that a hero folight him with only one edge in battle... a mystical. And so the battle began! Hearty rebels with visible health bars strode into battle and faced the villainous minions who were waiting for their turn to attack. Luckily, the mystical tablet hid a powerful magic.

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Worlds made on the tablet’s board gave our warriors great strength. A certain hero dragged letters onto the board and placed them over the center star tile. The tiles W, O, R, D made “word”. ANd just like that a Word was made, powering up the tablet’s ancient magic. When our hero tapped the attack button, this magic released. But it wasn’t enough...

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Still, our heroes didn’t give up, they saw a chance for a connecting word on the tablet. They connected the tiles A, R, K to make dark. When they were finally ready, they tapped on the attack button once more. With his minions defeated, this true villain stepped out onto the battlefield. But one neopet had gathered strength for his special ability! The hero tapped the flashing picture.

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Our hero tapped the target on that ugly villain and this enemy was defeated. The hero was honored with the finest gold.

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