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Game Story
This is a 2 player game in which convoy of Moloch machines are battling divisions of outpost soldiers trying to stop the invasion. You will play as Moloch (red). You start in Ziggy One and have to fight your way to New york and survive. Moloch is always the first player. Looks like this game has already got to Jersey Crust, the 4th city. Let's continue from here.
Neuroshima Convoy Hack Basics
The first phase is actions phase and if you want to place some robots into the city, now is the time. Let's start by playing Annihilator. It has 3 strength and a permanent skill that is in effect while it is in the city. To play a card you have to drag it from your hand to the center of the screen. Go ahead and play Annihilator.
Every unit occupies a battle station. You can see them as a small red (Moloch's) and green (Outpost's) circles. Battle stations limit the number of units you can play. As you can see, you are maxed out.
Annihilator reduces the number of outpost's battle stations by one. You can see that outpost now has one disabled battle station (white circle). In this city outpost has more battle stations than Moloch so it still has one left to use. That's all you can do for now. Let's enter cheats codes (letter hack tools) and see what will outpost do. End your turn.
At the beginning of each turn you draw new cards.
Hint & Tips
1. Modules activation phase - only Moloch has this phase and it gives you a chance to respond to outpost's move
2. Left menu - this green 3 here means that outpost is stronger than you by 3. Don't worry, you have a good module that you can use. Modules can only be played during modules activation phase. Net module can disable one enemy soldier. Module doesn't occupy a battle station but it has to be attached to a robot.
3.Left menu - here you can see Annihilator's attributes and the action window explaining the action you are trying to perform. Confirm Annihilator as a choice for Net module.
4. Note that you can't play instant and robot cards during modules activation phase, just like you couldn't play modules during actions phase, or you can enter cheats codes (Neuroshima Convoy letter hack tools)
5. Modules can also have skills, just like Robots. During modules activation phase you can activate those skills. You still have less strength then Outpost.
Outpost actions
It is still actions phase and now Outpost has a chance to play its soldiers and buildings. Play a Bunker - it is a building. It cannot move but most of your special skill don't affect it. Keep that in mind when you see that a skill only targets soldiers.
Each city is divided into districts. At the end of each battle one district is destroyed. Some additional things happen after each battle depending on who won. You can check all victory effects by tapping on preview. You won the last battle so additional district got destroyed.
To activate skill, you have to discard one of your cards. Discard spider card since you have 2 more in your deck. You can see that by the number of little radioactive icons next to the card's name. You can only target units that are marked with a checkmark. You can see the Net token over the unit as a reminder that it is disabled.
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GenreRole Playing > Action RPG
Hack Release Date19 September 2020
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