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Welcome, adventurer! Choose your character: warrior dwarf - mountain dwarves, masters of defense. Dwarves respect the traditions of their clans, including devotion to the Elemental Gods, who protect the dwarven ideals of industrious labor, skill in battle, and devotion to the forge.
Elven archer - forest elves, masters of bows. Slender and graceful, elves have keen senses, but they’re not particularly strong or resistant to extreme weather, illness, and disease.
Necromancer - he’s not dead, he just smells like it! It’s not unusual of for a necromancer to return from the dead and strike terror into the hearts of the living.

Never Ending Dungeon hack

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It’s time to learn a new skill. Choose a school of magic to start. Now press the unlock button to spend skill points and unlock that skill for use in battle. Now tap on a skill to open skill info. Here you can learn about the skill’s effects. Tap equip to use it. Remember that unlocking new skills requires skill points, which can be acquired by leveling up!

Never Ending Dungeon cheats, hack codes

The dungeon boss is waiting for you! To open the portal, collect scrolls from monsters and then tap fight the boss to meet your destiny! Whenever you get new equipment, a notification appears on the bag button. Tap on the gloves slot to open it. Here you can equip items and upgrade the slot. Hmm, looks like we picked up some trash. Let’s sell it? Tap on your backpack to see your inventory. By tapping on the item, you open the item info window. Here you can see more info and options.
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Always get rid of obsolete equipment. If you don’t have free space in your backpack, new loot will be lost! You’re making progress! Let’s upgrade one of our skills! Tap upgrade skill to enhance your skill’s stats and effects. Upgrading skills will help you bring down even more power on your enemies heads!
Skills: escape - a leap that slows all enemies near its starting points. Arrow shower - the archer releases a volley of arrow, damaging all the enemies in font of her.
poison arrow - releases a poison arrow that inflicts continuos damage to the target.

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