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Hello adventurer! My name is Cheat-on and i am here to help you easily adjust to the life of an adventurer. I look forward to your cooperation! You can start your adventure right away of you skip the tutorial, but you will not receive the rewards given in the tutorial. I will do my best to guide you into the life of an adventurer. In turn battles, battle progresses as they each adventurer makes their turn. The time you wait for your turn depending on the your actions during your turn. Therefore, it is important to act strategically.

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Then let us start with the basic movements. Use the direction panels located at the bottom left to move to the left direction. You have used up all the mobility. In turn battle, there is a fixed amount of movement for each turn. If you use all your mobility then you are not able to move, therefore, you need to be careful. Let’s try attacking this time! Use the up and down direction panel to change your angels and press hold the shoot button to shoot a missile. Thsi way of attacking is the most basic way to defeat your enemies.

New Gunbound cheats, hack codes

Characters: Armor - self recovery. When HP is less than 20% recover by 10% of your total HP. Mage - energy shield. Periodically recover energy shield creation shield by 50% of total life. Trico - light explosion> When HP is less than 30% attack power increased by 10%.
Each mobile has 3 types of missile. The names of each type are S1, S2, and SS. Press the missile button at the bottom to change the type of missile and shoot at the enemy. Just so you know, each mobile’s missile has their own special traits.
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The S! type arre the basic missile, the S2 type are have special traits in them and the SS type are powerful. A good strategy is to know what type to use depending on the situation. Each battle items have their own distinctive effects that will help you in your adventures. Touch the battle item slot at the bottom to use the item. The item you just used is called assist system. It is a very useful item in which depending on where the cursor is on the power guage, it will predict the impact point. Move the cursor so that the impact point is predicted at the monster and shoot your missile.

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After achieving victory in battle, you will receive a variety of rewards. You will receive experience points for you and your mobile, you will also receive gold and you will also receive materials to upgrade your mobiles and produce battle items.
The experience stone allows your mobile to gain experience even when they did not participate in battle. This will be useful when strengthening your heroes, since there are many mobile in Lond. jRB9e8 - supply box
AnlCxJ - treasure chest
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2goTv7 - vip status
9iOZBk - star tokens
Hack rEAGmH - artifacts
Cheat WSIVYF - evade
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As an adventurer you will be using the workshop to upgrade your characters, meet other adventurers and other things.
World map - you can see all Lond at a sight. There are 10 regions in the continent. Each region has its own environment and monsters. Unfortunately, there is only one way to reach each region, therefore, you need to clear each checkpoint in order to go to the next region. Each region is divided into stages. When you clear all stages in a region, you can proceed to the next region. how and where enter

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