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In a distant galaxy civilizations became technologically advanced. Communities throughout the galaxy expanded rapidly. And the people lived their lives happily. Energy sources were no longer able to support the energy demand. The galaxy reached a tipping point and violent conflict erupted everywhere. To end the chaos and restore peace to the galaxy. The galactic energy network (GEN) was born. To solve the energy crisis, GEN has assigned you the mission to search for new energy sources, and restore energy security to the galaxy.

New Horizons cheats, hack codes

1. hVurJpRO - experts
2. PbxlltAu - resources
3. Enter OYBNlGST - speed up
4. Pass Yx870kC4 - unlock technologies
5. r19MOvmt - skills
6. Enter UMgCuucF - level of pollution 0%
7. 4xi31B0L - gold coins
8. zIdSJWQS - level up
9. 8FjyA3lZ - energy
10. G274HU2i - GES
11. K4RzbkBd - upgrade
12. ax2jvd9N - liquid

Controls: we are thrilled that you're joining the mission. This is GEN's backup energy source, and the last energy source in the galaxy. As you can see, our energy repos are almost depleted.
This star has a ton of energy sources to investigate. I specialize in finding upstream resources which can be processed into energy. We must use cheats codes and begin searching for new energy sources in order to recover from the Galaxy's current energy crisis. Try selecting some coordinates on the planet to start a survey!
You have discovered an oilfield! Unfortunately we can't use the crude oil yet. Okay, let's put this crude oil to use by first building an oil rig.
Hack tools, New Horizons, building information: oil rig - a strong and safe oil drilling rig is very important to prevent the oil from spilling over into the environment.
Oil refinery - is the process of refining crude oil into various kinds of useful products.
Level of the technologies: survey, communicate, process. Don’t forget, developing technology lets you create new things. ANd also helps increase energy efficiency and reduces pollution. Enlisting many different experts will help develop technology more efficiently.

New Horizons resource tier list: crude oil - drilling for crude oil from underground onshore requires only a small amount of energy.
We want you to deliver the spaceship fuel to GEN. Do you see top bar? That shows your GEC number, or galactic energy cube, which is the energy cube of our galaxy. All activities that occur in our galaxy use GEC resources. And if GEC runs out then we can't produce any energy or build anything, or use cheats codes
This energy recovery mission relies on GEC - don't let the GEC run out. However, in order to product more GEC, you needs to build a coal power plant. Be careful because coal combustion creates pollution as well. This coal power plant will probably allow yo to complete the mission.
It seems the Galaxians are unhappy that its stars are creating so much pollution. They will not accept energy produced by stars that create this much pollution.

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Tips & tricks, android gameplay secrets:

Gameplay steps, Key Features, skills, hint:
  • 1. The price of each product fluctuates and so be mindful of the timing to sell them.
  • 2. GEC, aka galactic energy cube, is needed to power the oil rig and refinery in the process of energy production.
  • 3. It is possible to convert crude oil into various types of useful products apart from its original form, which is oil.
  • 4. Use cheats and give rewards.
  • 5. We can’t fill the electricity generator with crude oil yet. We must build a refinery and process the curde oil first.
  • 6. Check the pollution levels showing above. This is the acceptable level of pollution - if it gets too high then the energy prices will plummet. Actually, coal power plants aren't so bad. But we must be ready before using them. Even through we are in the middle of an energy crisi, we cna't ignore the galaxy's environment. It's important use code, hack tools to balance the pollution caused by energy production. You'll need to start growing trees in order to reduce pollution.

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