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It started with the destruction of our home. In a mad grasp for power, the sorcerer Jinx betrayed his friends and tried to steal our most powerful artifact - the book of Ages. The Guardian order stood together to fight against him - but in the battle that followed, Jinx banished thise that opposed him. His spell scattered the Guardinas to unknown worlds; stranding them far from sky castle. The few of us that remained took the book and ran. We spent years evading Jinx and his family of villanous children - the dreaded Kitty litter.

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But we couldn’t outrun him forever. We made our last stand in my homeworld of Foxington. But just when all hope seemed lost: something strange happened. The Book reacted violently to Jinx’s magic. Whether it did so to defend itself or to protect us, it pages scattered wildly in the storm it unleashed. The portal it opened was violent and unstable, pulling Jinx and his Kitty Litter somewhere far from Foxington. But, it wasn’t the Kitty Litter the book wanted. Before the portall closed, it took my little brother, Lucky, as well.
Without the guardian Sigil, my team and i couldn’t travel between worlds. We’ve been stuck here ever since that day waiting. i don’t know where that portal took him, but i know that Lucky is still out there, somewhere, within the Book.
My name is Lyra Swiftail, and i’m the current head of what remains of the guardian order. But this isn’t my story. This is Lucky’s tale.

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Oh man...I must be really losing it. Go away little figment of my imagination. I know you’re not really here. Wait you are really here! Welcome to Sky Castle, former home of the guardian order. My name’s Greg and i’m the Mailgolem. At least, i was before the portals to the other worlds disappeared. I’d help you get home, but i’m, uh stuck here, too. Even with your sigil, the book seems to be missing pages. We can’t travel without them.
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Y’ know if big Gate was open, we could ask the other golems for help. Maybe if you ring that doorbell up there, they’ll let us in. It’s kinda jard to reach. Try tail-swiping that switch over there. It might help you find the path. Collecting more pages means opening more portals and opening more portals means getting one step closer to finding your family. Don’t be scared if you become marble. Just take it slow and pick up all the coins you can.

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