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Humans.and Nexomon. Together, we have thrived for many generations. Together, we have risen against every odd and hardship. This world is built over millenia of friendship, loyalty and love.And what fools like to believe. In times immemorial, the Nexomon had a mercilles King Omnicron, was his accursed name. This monstrosity led his brethren into a grand crusade against all of mankind. And as such, the Nexomon scourge tried to eradicate us into oblivion. But we stood strong. And a group of brave heroes found a way to outsmart Omnicron, by timing his own children and turning them against himself. We were able to slay the King of Monsters, and defy the wheel of fate. Victory, was at our grasp. Omnicron's legacy is now barren. Nothing, but a sad whisper in the wind. Finally free from his shackles, the Nexomon have become our companions for life. Our world, our people and our future were ste towards a bright tomorrow. But that day never came. For the true age of extinction has just begun.

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