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Game Story
Vertical speed indicator shows you how quickly the plane is descending or going altitude. Your passengers might feel unwell if you descend too quickly. Keeping vertical speed between -2 and 2 will help you maintain safe flight. Altitude indicator shows you altitude in relation to your destination airport. You should not fly higher than the cruise altitude for your plane or you might experience a stall due to air density drop in higher altitudes.
Artificial horizon indicator shows the aircraft relation to horizon. From this you can tell whether the wings are level and if the aircraft nose is pointing above or below the horizon.
NG Flight Simulator Hack Basics
The airspeed indicator shows the aircraft's speed relative to the surrounding air. Make sure you gain appropriate speed before taking off or the plane will enter stall condition which can lead to a crash. Avoid overspeeding or the plane will suffer from structural damages. make sure you follow plane specification in regards to V speeds to avoid unexpected behaviour.
The engine thrust indicator - it shows you how each of your engines is performing. N1 can be considered as normal engine thrust and EGT is a temperature of the exhaust gas.
Hint & Tips
1. Artificial horizon is very usefull in low visibility conditions. You can control your banking angle, that is how much your plane is rolled the side. Avoid rolling too much or your passenges will feel uncomfortable.
2. If one of your engines fails the plane will automatically shut it down or use cheat code. In such condition, you will notice sudden drop in N1 values (hack tools menu). Keep in mind the plane can glide without engines.
3. There is a predefined glide to slope ratio for each plane design. From that you can calculate how for the plane can glide based on the current altitude. If you want to extend the gliding distance make sure your flaps are up.
4. You can notice little red horizontal line in the bottom part. Moving the lever below this line will activate reverse thrust. This is usefull for landing to quickly decrease plane speed.
NG Flight Simulator How to control the plane
On the left you can notice yoke control. It is responsible for elevators movement. With this lever you can put the nose down or up. Make sure you deal with it gently or your plane will dive or stall very quickly especially in high speeds. On the right you can see thrust level and cheat code menu - letter hack tools. You will be controlling both engines with it.
Keep in mind the plane can glide on its own even no thrust is added to the engines. Make sure you reduce the thrust in advance so the plane have enough time to decrease the altitude.
Next to thrust lever you will find flaps one. It is used to extend flaps on the plane. With flaps extended the plane can fly slower but will decrease speed faster. It should be used only for landing and departing situations. When extended at high speeds it will cause extra stress on the wings which can be dangerous.
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