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Human and demons coexisted since the dawn of time, the mortal realm bustled with the rise of the sun, the Netherworld thrived with the fall of the sun. The humans lived during the day, and the demons lived during the night. Segregated, yet harmonious, for all eternity. As it should be...
But now, the humans are no longer satisfied with just living in the day. Day and night shifted, Ying and Yang reversed. Demons show up in broad daylight. Chaos is emerging. The heaven crystal has turned up, the demons start scurrying about the world appears peaceful. But disaster is imminent...

Night Agent Savior hack

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A world of discord summons messiahs. Night walking agents gather in District 9. Slaying demons upholding justice, they are our saviors. Before you can join the sector night, i’ll take care of you during the probation period. You’d better listen carefully to what i’m about to say, or else.. you’ll face the cane!
You were just a mortal so there were many things that you don’t know. I’ll tell you what the student council is. The student Council is actually the sector night and the members of the student council are agents. The sector night is in charge of the agents and the agents are in charge of handling the demons. We look like students but we are managing the balance between human beings and demons in the dark. In detail, our job it to...For example, when we encounter street dogs like those, we need to eliminate all of them!

Night Agent Savior cheats, hack codes

Top is the enemy’s armor bar! Armor absorb a large amount of damage. After breaking the armor, attacks will cause enemies to float! Continue attacking! Take note of the stage objectives! You must destroy all three portals! The demons can't hurt me if i move quickly! Dodge at the right moment to avoid damage.
Tap “character menu”, select the agent whose abilities you want to upgrade and enter cheat code 6XyWUg. Swipe in an empty area to move the camera. Double tap an empty area reset the camera.
Night Agent Savior wiki
Summon - you will get at least one 4 stars guardian or one S agent after a tenfold summon. With a new member around to help, battles will become easier in the future. The red arrow indicates that your agent is weak against the enemy. There is a scissors paper stone effectiveness triangle between agents and some enemies. Use sign - contracts with magical creatures to obtain unrivaled power. One move separates pro players from the rest: dodging to cancel the current skill.
You should show more respect for your leader. As a new arrival, you will definitely be unfamiliar with night watch procedure. To train you well, i’m giving you a set of secret missions. They’re all extremely difficult! But once you complete all the missions, you can choose a powerful agent to act as your partner.

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Secret order: reconciliation - defeat normal 10 Gu 1 time. Free flow drinks - claim energy drinks in rewards automat 6 times. Fighter - obtain victory in ultimate stages 2 times. Hunt challenge - obtain victory in treasure hunt.
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Hack O2CM1g - artifacts
Cheat qWcNGz - evade
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