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Welcome to the night pub, our business hours are late at night, offering a wide range of food and drinks for those who have not returned home. From now on, you are the manager of this night pub, and we have finished clearing the pub, only with one table, you can start your business now. Next let’s teach you how to set the first table, and this is the initial funding, please take it.
The first table has been laid out, different tables have different properties, a high level table can bring more benefits. Besides the table, you also need develop dishes and drinks, next let’s learn how to develop primary food: rice wine.

Night Restaurant hack

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The price of the high level dishes is more expensive anf the preparing time will be longer. Ok, the store already has the basic foods. These one should be the customers as heard, they will automatically shows what they wanna eat, so you just need do it as they require. Customers will leave a fee on the table after eating, otherwise, when you have the construction table, you can get the extra fees from customers. What is more, each furniture has different functions and attributes, cast and dogs will also help you with the store, next let’s see how to finish the pub tasks.

Night Restaurant cheats, hack codes

Tasks are divided into daily tasks and achievement tasks, more tasks you do, more revenue you can improve much quickly. Building a construction can get awards of bottle Chef hat, the Chef hat will be used for rate the levels of the restaurant, besides, the Chef hat are also the condition to unlock special items.
Do you see the TV beneath? Click the TV and you can watch a small part of ads, then you will get a lot of customers very quickly. Let;s have a look outside the store.
Night Restaurant wiki
Outside of the store - there will be customers who are in queue, and passengers walking by sometimes will drop off golden coins, you also can decorate your store even hire a employee to attract quests. Today’s specials - here you can see the specials of the day and some interesting things. A takeaway entrance- if you find that the takeaway car is gone, it means that the takeaway is still in the delivery.
Guests will produce garbage at the same time as giving tip of the store, all the garbage is collected by the store manager into the trash.

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Night Restaurant tips
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