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1. x3amBTR8b8 - leve up 2. xmCjIjc3gb - summon x 10 3. jirQfjN83d - SSR demon 4. bB4t12fMvK - evil 5. lnXSNqgw53 - upgrade Welcome, i am a curator. I’ll help you become a Devil contractor. Tap the devil below and use an activate skill with a powerful effect. Each active skill has different effect, you must use them in the right situation. You need more devils to get through the battles head of you. The association will help you with selective summon. You can deploy your devil by drag and drop at the desired field location.

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You can move the devil deployed in the field to the desired location by drag and drop. You can change the order by touching order button and dragging one devil to other Devil. Touch the quick deploy button. You can easily deploy summoned devils. Quick deploy is convenient, but does not consider enemy deployment. It is recommended that the contractor properly arrange it.

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1. DpKnW1r2Jy - relic ticket 2. 1kEbkEbTTa - exp potion 3. nFb4dZVsVY - relic level stone 4. XdcfbDnfd4 - ice crystal 5. ovBk3OYyrX - devil box

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Trace - contractors must e=send their devils in areas where humans cannot go to remove the residual darkness. They sometimes find unusual loot from these areas.
Temple - the building is built around the gate to manage the devils and broker contracts. The building was constructed in traditional Japanese style to accommodate the taste of certain higher ups.
NightZero Mistiltein wiki
Rune - an ancient god created runes, infused them with its powers, and hid them in the rune dungeon so that anyone who could find them could use them. Even today, countless contractors and devils are challenging the dungeon to lay claim to the powers of this ancient god.
Sanctuary - a religious built a church called the Sanctuary near the gate and tried to monopolize its power, but humans could not control it. The church now lies in ruins, and rumor has it that there are unique substances that contain the power of the gate inside this building.

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1 Qpzmxflrbr action points
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6 erpYDUUkI0 gold coins
7 52CxpjYr0s month card
8 OON0HDn7cT premium pack
9 j5gL37zqwr chest
10 XSLOX1wEJ0 vip ticket
11 3Po5jRoJ3w codex

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • Excessive items beyond the limit will be lost and won't be displayed on the reward screen.
  • After clear 1-3, you can play selective summon 10 times. 1 SSR devil will be summoned per every selective summon.
  • You can play selective summon up to 10 times.
  • 1 SSR devil will be summoned per every selective summon. Be careful since you can't reset the summon in the final result screen.
  • We will use the active skill automatically. If you want to use it manually, touch the auto button to disable it.
  • Path of contractor will show you what to do next. Also, you can get great reward. You can check path of contractor with navigation.

NightZero Mistiltein tips
Hack cheats tutorial NightZero Mistiltein(wiki):
As you can see, the portraits of your units are displayed in manage unit.
Please tap the portrait to check the unit's detailed information. In detailed information, you can perform upgrades such as EXP up, evolution, power up, and skill up.
Your ACE will be the one sent to support your friends and to join the guild war.
For more information, you can always tap the “?” button on the upper side.
Please claim your reward first in order to active the next mission.
NightZero Mistiltein tutorial

Tips to enjoy special rewards NightZero Mistiltein: gold, gift box, action points, credits.

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