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A long time ago, an old man living in mount Paozu found weeping child, who he later named Goku Sun. This Goku is the protagonist of our story. Goku had been living a peaceful life on the mountain. Util one day, he ran into a mysterous girl in the mountain, and so our story begins. After the exploration, tap on battle to begin your adventure.
Let me help you out, you can deploy up to 5 heroes in battle, let’s go summon some new friends. Advanced summon and normal summon can be subject to free summon once in a while.

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10 combo summon guarantees orange hero. The hero you just summoned is still at level 1, let’s use cheat code and upgrade level for them first. Heroes are divided into three types: ATK, DEF, and Skill. They fight with different combat styles. ATK - powerful output, Vanguard. DEF - front row shield, tank. SKL - versatile features, strategist. Switch the position of Tien Shinhan (DEF) and Goku (ATK), let the DEF type Tien SHinhan take the damage first.

Ninja War World cheats, hack codes

In battle, cast skill to charge up energy, when the meter is full, you can unleash super ultimate skill. The more stages you have cleared, the higher the idling efficiency, now let’s collect the idling reward. Through adventure, we have acquired some gears, let’s equip the gear to improve our power. Make sure to let every deployed hero equip with gears and higher level, so that they can be stronger. Remember to be fully prepared before the adventure. I have prepared some journey objectives for you, complete the objectives to get ample rewards.
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Throught the battles, Goku and his friends need to improve their own strength to face even stronger enemies. Glittering gear means the number of combining materials is high enough and can be evolved. When all the gear have evolved to the next rank, you can tap “advance” button to upgrade hero rank. You will earn activeness and open chests by collecting event rewards. Don’t forget to do this every day.

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