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Summon ninjas
Now, i'll tell you about other ninjas that cna be your allies. You need specific currency if you want to hire other units. Better currency will get you better characters, but those currencies will be harder to get. Try using an elite scroll to hire a hero. Ninjas each have special attributes. Try selecting soldier and looking for detailed attributes. As you can see, units own powerful secret techniques for certain Jutsu. Other ninjas will be of great help in battle, so remember to level them up as well. You need to enhance, if you want them to become stronger. If you use the same ninjas as enhancement material, all skill levels will increase by 1. Enhancing with other heroes won't be very beneficial to you.

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HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!

Now, i'll tell you about equipment before i go. Press the equip all button. That unit will automatically equip the best equipment they can. You can enhance equipment like ninjas. Equipment can be enhanced with other equipment of the same part or enhancement stones.

NinjaBattle 닌자대전 Skills

Skills: flame burst - the most rudimentary fire jutsu. A flame burst that reaches its maximum height will burn mountains and mountains of forests. Stacks burn on each hit, inflicting 10% bonus DMG per stack. Strong against wood type. Rock fist - gather boulders that are underground to form a first that strikes the enemies. Enemies hit will be moved towards the back of the AOE. Divide the ground - inspired by the rock fist jutsu, a new powerful attack jutsu was created. The gigantic fist will fly as if trying to divide the ground in its path. Enemies hit will be stunned for a certain amount of time.
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