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No Game cheat world: Napoleon (French general) - if you want a tnig done well, do it yourself. This short General is one mean shot. Ian Sobieski (king of Poland) - don't let these wings fool you - this guy won't fly, but his sword blow will send you all the way to the sky. Zhao-Yun Gang (Chinese General) - known as the perfect warrior, and now there are four of them and they've got spears.

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wrecking ball - all he does is break walls! Attacks only buildings, but he surely gets the job done. Robin hood (thieves) - three stylish thieves who will use their arrows to take down your enemies - either rich or poor. Aladdin (worldwide celebrity) - with a magic lamp on his back, and a good hand with a bomb, don't let his nice face mislead you; Aladdin is dangerous!

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Robin raf (floating thief) - this stylish thief is amazing! Robin hood built himself a raft to surprise his enemies from the water. Zhao-Yun house (architectural structure) - building that spawns Zhao Yun warriors. One look at the dragon's flaming eyes makes these guys fight even harder.

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Spears (effective weapon) - the spears cover a large area, damaging all the troops within range. Less effective against buildings. Bot gang (sneaky soldiers) - deadly army of droids, ready to attack even the biggest and strongest enemies. Arminius (German commander) - small yet strong, with a big sword and a cheerful walk, Arminius is superb! Just be careful not to joke about his cape.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: a multiplayer strategy game, is our first game - but it is not really a game. If your ancestor's blood runs in you and you feel proud to represent your country, it won’t be a game for you as much as it isn’t a game for us. So, choose your hero and fight with your ancestors to defend your house and represent your country honorably! Live to dual - use American hero, George Washington, to raid the French Napoleon's house, or attack the ancient Chinese hero Zhao Yun with 2 Robin Hood’s. No Game! is not a game - it's life; use your national heroes to bring honor to your country!

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Tutorial No Game (wiki): Napoleon is good against Fafir the dragon and most air troops. Arminius (German general) famously led a decisive victory against three Roman legions. Footballers are used to striking - thrown on an Alien is a nice sight. Alladdin has low hitpoints but a pwoerful overall area damage.

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