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CtJ6Cn - speedup
QaVHiK - Hermium shard
THKeZf - Unrefined Lucridium
fdBTFN - open world map
lvVtUG - scrap metal
cyzICG - ships
rWsa18 - weapons
WfFklQ - craft materials (resources)
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Ok, stay calm. Assess the situation, like they taught you in that pilot academy you flunked out of. Your ship exploded. All passengers and crew are likely dead. You’re in a crummy safety pod and you’re all alone. Prepare for mandatory in flight training. See movement control on your interface? Use it to fly!
Oh no, a dastardly rock, coming right for us! Use the control on the right side of your interface to shoot it with your blaster! Keep an eye out for the heat meter on the top left of your screen. You don’t want to overheat.

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Use a budget star cruises grappling hook! Now you can bring your target along for the ride! One more thing. If you get lost or need to look at your equipment, activate the pause button. That concludes your budget star cruises safety pod tutorial! I give you a C+! Improve your attitude and next time you just might earn an A!
This matey unit is not outfitted with a leanring module. Would you like to upgrade? A galaxy full of monsters.

No Way Home cheats, hack codes

Update: collect 5 Lucridium shards from rock bats for Hylga’s upgrade. It wouldn’t be an adventure without a cave full of Rock bats. Find the cave. Looks like you found yourself a shiny new weapon. Equip it, first you’ll want to open your ship’s console. Open up your weapon module. Here you’ll see your arsenal! Pick your weapon of coice and select equip. Go to the bar to find work. Your upgrades aren’t going to pay for themselves.
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Mishaps are bad for business! Find dead business partner and remove the shipment so no one know they work for you. You can keep shipment as reward. Hermium shard - rare polarized shard used in powerful shield. Very few known locations. Scrap metal - common metal junk used in many pirate ships. Unrefined Lucridium - mysterious crude gem used in antimatter weapons. Guarded by fierce void monsters. Bio glob - living glob used in bio tech. Common among void monsters.

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1 7DGFm2 upgrade
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6 yIf3mp gold coins
7 Y4G9P1 month card
8 RClfQV premium pack
9 EPiDQp legendary gear
10 1YopJ4 vip ticket
11 RlAcoJ gear pack

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NCU5GA - supply box
FWPZkW - treasure chest
OZVZJj - multiplayer
xzeRPU - vip status
6kqIz5 - star tokens
Hack uxU8jw - artifacts
Cheat gndOwi - evade
4kjv2B - elite ticket
d9Dqr7 - exchange cheat code

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