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Free hack Noah Fantasy cheats code list - gold, obsidians, heal potions, promo ticket, skill, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Noah Fantasy cheat world: the raveler from another distant realm, could you answer my three questions? Are you satisfied with your life so far? Do you yearn for recognition from others? Do you love this world? I see...The so called fate is actually simple. To meet the right person and to start your adventure, you must try your best. The gate to Nah will open to you soon...It will guide you to the ultimate truth.

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Hey, wake up! I'm cheat-on. i'm coming for you at the request of Mr.Peters, our former principal. Listen to me carefully - this is P.E.T.S. or potential exploitation and training school in the land of the Noah, where magical girls are nurtured and developed. P.E.T.S. has been tasked with the grave responsibility of training talented heroes while protecting the peace of the realm in the past. An now, the leadership of the school is in your hands. However, i must warn you in advance not to cross any line. If anything happens to a weak dimensional traveler like you, i won't be held account able.

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Let me show you how things work here. This is the principal room, the place where you manage this school. Due to a series of accidents in PETS, there are thousands of things to be done here. Of course, our priority is discovering and recruiting more brilliant students. Let's go to genesis hall and see how to recruit new students. In this workshop, you may craft resonance gems and mana gems. To discover the girls with great potential, we need resonance gems that resonate with their mana.

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Let me show you how to craft a resonance gems, since it will be your work from now on. By using obsidians and resonance stones of different combinations, you may craft a variety of resonance gems. If you feel lazy, you may also open your tome and use the formulas from the previous users. Please do remember elves love magical pudding best. It greatly enhances their stamina, enabling them to finish the discovery in a blink of an eye.

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